Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 12

Hello again,

It has definitely been an interesting week this week. The thing that takes the cake though is learning someone stole my credit card information, somehow made a copy and was trying to use that copy in Mexico. I only wish I could be in Mexico right now. lol Thankfully, it is all getting sorted out and I am not on the hook to pay close to 400.00 that the person tried to charge to my card. I do have to wonder though, how and when my information was stolen because i am extremely careful with it. I also keep wondering how copies are made and how it still ends up getting charged on my account if they are successful. Anyways, I am here to share the 5 things I am grateful for so I should get to it huh? :)

1. I am extremely thankful that Wal-Mart was so helpful and wonderful with this whole credit card issue. I am so thankful I am not having to prove it wasn’t me who tried to spend that kind of money and it was caught right away.

2. Great weather earlier this week. The weather was so nice and to have +20 this late in October doesn’t happen very often as far as I know. It is starting to change now to more average temperatures which is ok. I am not sad because we have had such a great October so far.

3. Another great hair cut. I got my hair cut again this week because I was starting to get a bit shaggy. lol So nice to have it looking good again. :)

4. Another Bzzagent campaign!! If you have followed my blog for a while now, you may have seen posts mentioning Bzzagent. It is a company where you get invited to campaigns you qualify for and you get to try the product completely free and then share your thoughts and opinions on it. This one is for hair colour and it is coming at such a great time because I have wanted to colour my hair again. :) I will likely write a post on here when I get it. I love getting invited to do these campaigns. They are so fun. Plus I save money in the process and help other people know what products work and don’t work. I am not trying to advertise here – just explaining it a bit and why I am thankful for it. :)

5. Cuddling with my cat inside this morning. I have a cat inside that is very rarely into cuddling. He doesn’t like to be held either. But when he does like to cuddle, it is so wonderful and I stop what I am doing to enjoy that time with him. This morning he wanted to cuddle and I really needed that as well. So I am so incredibly thankful for it. :)

Thanks for taking time to read my blog post. :) I really appreciate it.

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 11

Hello again,

To be honest, my heart really isn’t in to this challenge this week. The funeral for my grandfather was this week and it has really affected me more than I thought it would. But I made myself a promise that I would do this no matter what so I am here. This Wednesday also marked 7 years since my first surgery. I have mixed feelings about these surgery anniversaries. I think it would feel more positive if I wasn’t still facing complications. This week has felt beyond tough but I am strong and I will make it through this. Please forgive me if the things I am thankful for do not seem that big. It has been a tough week and I feel like my heart is in pieces (for a few reasons) but I am pushing through and I will get through this. So here I am and here are the things I am thankful for this week.

1. That I made it through the week and the weekend is here. This really seems like an accomplishment right now although it kind of isn’t anything I did or didn’t do to get here. I suppose it is an accomplishment that I made it through the week and I am here writing this post despite how I feel inside.

2. Still no snow. :) It is October 17 and still no snow on the ground. I love that. I do not like driving in the snow. I am thankful we still have dry roads.

3. Painkillers. I may or may not have mentioned this already but I couldn’t have made it through this week without painkillers.

4. Physio. This week I had physio again and I got more exercises that should hopefully help me get a bit stronger. This will also help me get through the upcoming surgery easier as well.

5. Lindt Chocolate. It tastes so amazing and is a definite treat. No other chocolate compares to it. The 100 gram dark chocolate bars are my favorite. Plus really good chocolate is nice to have when you feel sad. :)

Thanks for reading my blog post. I really appreciate it. I hope you will consider coming back again. :)

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 10

Hello again,

First off, I must apologize for being late with this post. This past week has been difficult and long. This past week a family member passed away suddenly and it has been tough on everyone. Also, this weekend is thanksgiving so it has been busy as well. But I am getting to this now because I know I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t keep up with this and missed a whole week. Now, more than ever, it is important to be aware of all there is in my life to be thankful for in the midst of this loss. So here are the things I am thankful for this week.

1. Spending time with my nephews. Yesterday my sister and her family joined my parents, my sister and I for thanksgiving. I am of course thankful for everyone but right now, specifically I want to mention my wonderful nephews. They bring so much joy to our lives. My oldest nephew (who is 4) and I spent a lot of time together and had lots of fun. The highlights include making waffles and building pirate boats. :)

2. Ladybugs. I love ladybugs….. and butterflies…. and frogs and so many other wonderful creatures. The world outside really is quite a wonderful world full of interesting things. I mention ladybugs this week because they seem to be everywhere right now. They are so beneficial when it comes to taking care of bad bugs like aphids. I would hate to have a garden without them!

3. My knee is FINALLY improving!!! I sprained my knee initially about 8 weeks ago. Then a few weeks ago I managed to somehow sprain it again and the knee cap was sitting crooked which was causing weird pain. Anyways, I am finally able to walk around without limping!! The swelling has gone down a fair bit which makes a huge difference in how stiff it is. :) Oh my goodness I am so thankful for that!

4. Walks to the mail box. This hasn’t been possible for over 8 weeks due to my sprained knee and this week I finally got to go for a nice walk to the mail box. we live in the country so it is a bit of a walk to the mail box at the corner of the gravel road. I love going for walks and I have missed walking so this was a nice treat.

5. My fish aquarium is clean with very little water spilled. :) I hate doing a complete water change in the aquarium which I do once a year or so. I still use some of the old water so it isn’t completely new water but I do empty it all out and clean things. I am clumsy and usually end up making a big mess. So to have only one minor spill was definitely wonderful and I am grateful for that. I am also thankful for my fish. :)

Since it is thanksgiving, I want to add a few extra so I am also thankful for the wonderful fall weather we are having, my cats and their antics, and physio which has helped me so much. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving with family and friends.

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 9

Hello again,

“Gratitude as the gospel speaks about it embraces ALL of life: the good and the bad, the joyful and the painful, the Holy and not so Holy.” Henri Nouwen. This is a quote I came across this week that really made me stop and think about gratitude and what it means. I came across it in a book I borrowed from the library and I am reading titled “The Essential Henri Nouwen”. Another quote in the same chapter that also caught my attention is this: “Jesus calls us to recognize that gladness and sadness are never separate, that joy and sorrow really belong together and that mourning and dancing are part of the same movement. That is why Jesus calls us to be grateful for every moment that we have lived and to claim our unique journey as God’s way to mold our hearts to greater conformity with God’s own.” I don’t know about you, but for me, it is very difficult to be grateful for everything. I feel that maybe I need to try to be more grateful for everything that happens – both good and bad. Although I am definitely struggling to find a reason to be thankful for not so positive things like my sprained knee that is still causing problems 7 weeks later. But I will try. :) Anyways here is my list for this week. :)

1. Getting an appointment to see my physio therapist really quick. I was able to get in for an appointment just a couple of days after calling, which I wasn’t expecting. Usually it takes about a week to get in. Now I can hopefully start seeing improvement in my knee sooner than if I had to wait till next week to start with physio.

2. Reaching my 90th post on my blog. I feel this is a bit of an accomplishment. :)

3. The wood stove. :) It got down to -6 last night and I was so thankful for the wood stove!!

4. I live in Canada. With everything going on in different parts of the world (i.e- Isis, Ebola, etc), it reminds me how privileged we are to live here. We have freedom, a good healthcare system and so much more.

5. Cold weather. Cold weather reminds me how wonderful heat is and how much I love the warmth of hot summer days. Because I know what cold is, I can also understand how good heat is. Without cold, we wouldn’t have anything to compare warmth with and it wouldn’t feel as wonderful. :) But I think I am even more grateful that we didn’t have any snow this week and it was just cold! :)

Thanks for reading my blog post!

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 8

Hello again,

This week the weather surprised us with more heat and now it is getting back to more seasonal temperatures. It was really nice to have another small blast of heat at the beginning of the week. We also saw the first day of fall arrive this week which always leaves me with mixed emotions because I love to see fall arrive but I am always sad to see summer end. There is something so beautiful and wonderful about fall (as there is with each season) and maybe a bit magical with all the leaves on the trees turning such gorgeous colours. :)

Here are the 5 blessings I am very thankful for this week. :)

1. New baby fish. This week I was very excited to see new baby fish in my tank. :) I have guppies which tend to have babies every so often. It is always fun watching them grow and change colour. :) I also have one danio who has outlived every single fish I have had over the past few years. I think I have had fish for around 4 yrs now. I am starting to call him the energizer bunny fish. :)

2. Beautiful fall colours. I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the leaves earlier this week when the sky was really blue and a great background for the gold and red leaves. :)

3. Summer heat in September. As I mentioned earlier, this week we had a short blast of heat and it is so nice to get that in September. It makes it feel like summer is still here. :) Plus you get the best of both worlds – summer heat and fall colour!

4. Zinio. I love books but I also love magazines that I can learn something from. I love Zinio because the magazines are all digital and I don’t have to find a place for them all. :) I don’t think I will ever go back to subscribing to physical magazines because they take up so much room and tend to get lost when someone takes off with them. lol I love magazines like Popular Photography, Popular Science, Discover (a new favorite :) ), gardening magazines, National Geographic, Cooking magazines, etc. I also love that I can get access to them with my library membership and I don’t have to pay for each one myself. :)

5. Sermons available in podcast form. I love being able to hear sermons from where ever and who ever I choose to. I currently love to catch them from Mosaic church in Los Angeles and Gateway Church in Austin Tx. The internet is an amazing thing. I don’t have to physically be somewhere to hear the sermons and I can watch them in my own home or on my mp3 player.

Thank you for taking time to read my post! I really appreciate it!

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: week 7

Hello again,

This week has been a busy and eventful one. :) One of the highlights has been having a couple over that my dad knew when he first came to Canada when he was 18. They had not seen each other since before my dad met my mom so I think it was quite a nice reunion for them and I got to meet two really nice people. :) They came yesterday and left today so we got to visit a lot. :) That is one of the reasons I left writing this post until now. So here is this week’s list. :)

1. No Snow this week!!!! Wow it has been such a turn around weather wise from last week to this week. The snow last week was quite a strong reminder of what is just around the corner. But I am so thankful that it didn’t stay and we have had some really great weather again this week. :)

2. Meeting a wonderful couple this week and I hope we will manage to stay in touch. :)

3. Amazon ships to our door now. We live out in the country and for the longest time we couldn’t get anything shipped right to our door. Now Amazon seems to use UPS all the time now (at least for us) so it comes right to our door step and I don’t have to go in to town to pick it up still. It is so incredibly convenient!!!

4. Celebrating birthdays with friends. This past Sunday my family and I were invited to come celebrate a birthday with friends of our family. It was wonderful to catch up and celebrate this person on their birthday. It was fun. :)

5. SUTP books!!! The new SUTP books are out again and it is so exciting getting the new coupon book. :) This past year we saved so much money using the coupons.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I really appreciate it!

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 6

Hello again,

It is crazy to think I am already on week 6 as it feels like just a couple of weeks ago that I started doing this. Time really does fly by doesn’t it? Here are the 5 things I am grateful for this week.

1. Our greenhouses. We have 2 permanent greenhouses and one temporary one that goes up in the fall to cover the tomatoes. I am so grateful for them because they stayed above freezing when we got a low of -6 this week. Although I think it may have gotten colder here since we live out in the country.

2. Electricity. We had a planned power outage (Fortis had to turn it off to work on something) for almost 7 hours this past Sunday and it really reminded me how much we use it for day-to-day stuff. Funny how losing something for a bit reminds you of how much you appreciate it.

3. Warm bed to snuggle in. This week was quite chilly. We had snow falling for about 3 days. We still have some snow left on the ground right now as I type. It is almost gone though. But I really appreciated being able to climb into a warm bed at night and be nice and cozy. Getting up each morning reminded me how warm my bed is because it was so chilly in my room. It always makes me thankful for my bed as I get up and feel the chill in the air.

4. The ability to rest when I need it. I realize I don’t always rest when I should but I have the option to do it if I want to. I am grateful for that. Some people don’t have that option.

5. Cooler weather. While I love the heat and sunshine, I also enjoy cooler weather. I get to curl up in a warm blanket by the crackling fire with a good book. I love snuggling in blankets. Something so comforting about that and I miss it over the summer because you can’t do that when it is hot. lol Well I suppose it is possible if you don’t mind cooking. lol

It never ceases to amaze me how many things there are to be grateful for. Even if it feels like my life is falling apart around me, there is still stuff to be thankful for. Doing this each week is fun. I like sharing this stuff. :) I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing it. :)

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