The Book of (even more) Awesome

01 Oct

Hello again,

I recently finished reading “The book of (even more) awesome and found it really inspiring for the most part. So I decided I would share some of my favorites from the book and come up with a few of my own as well. I do reccomend reading it if you are looking to be reminded of the little things in your life that are… well…. awesome. 🙂

My favorites from the book that I also think are awesome include:

“When the Hiccups stop.”

“Dropping your cell phone on the sidewalk and then realizing it’s totally fine”

“Fully justifying whatever terrible thing you’re eating”

“Watching a movie with a group of friends.”

“When you open a book to the exact page you were looking for.”

“Learning new keyboard short cuts”

“Eating anything from your own garden”

“Finally getting the perfect picture”

“A really cold drink on a hot day.”

“The extra time you get when the clocks roll back.”

“Taking off your shoes and socks after a long day”

“Pulling a weed and getting the whole root as well”

“Appreciating the beauty of all your scars and scratches”

Now I would like to make a bit of a list of my own to add to it. 🙂 Here is what I came up with:

Seeing sunshine after a few days of clouds.

Finding a great new restaurant that you love.

Getting a super good deal….. on something you need.

Catching your balance just in time….. and no one saw you trip. 🙂

Crossing things off a to do list.

Getting perfectly comfy when I cuddle up in a chair that I don’t want to move because I am experiencing the ultimate comfiness.

When a nasty headache is finally gone and it feels so good.

Comfort food.

Watching the sun set.

Friends are happy to see you.

My cat coming to cuddle with me.

I could actually keep going for a long time but I will stop here. It is neat how once you start thinking of things that they just keep coming… and coming. Sometimes the difficult part is getting started and the book gets you in that mindset and helps you get started with your own list. I wrote down 11 and I encourage anyone who reads this to come up with at least 10. For some 10 might be super easy and then I encourage you to keep going till you can not think of any more. For others 10 can be a challenge if you are going through really tough stuff. I find the harder life is-the more important it is to find the good in life. None of the items on my list are anything huge and I like appreciating the little things in life. I think that is partially why I was drawn to this book and why I enjoyed it as much as I did. It is a very good book to read I think. Some things he writes about are not as good as others in my opinion but might be good to you. We all have different tastes and think different things are awesome which is what makes us unique which is also awesome! I give this book a definite thumbs up!

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