4 Pairs of shoes

23 Oct

Hello again,

Recently I saw an episode of Criminal Minds where a comment was made by one of the characters that he was surprised that a woman only had 4 pairs of shoes and what woman only has 4 pairs of shoes. That caught my attention because I only have 4 pairs of shoes. lol I do not have any issues with the comments made in the episode but it just made me think. Am I in the minority to have so few shoes? Is the view that women have lots of shoes and clothes just a stereotype or is it generally quite accurate? Of course in my situation, a tight budget is one of the reasons for my limited amount of shoes. So I asked myself if I had the money to spend on how ever many shoes I wanted-would I buy more? My answer to that question was no I wouldn’t. I just do not see the point. I buy black shoes so they go with anything I have and to me that works fine. I still have the question of whether that leaves me in a minority or not. I am very sure that there are many women in similar positions that can not afford more than a couple pairs of shoes but if they would have the money-would they buy more?

The amount of shoes one has may seem odd to be writing about but it is more about stereotypes and how accurate they really are. How many of us really fit the stereotypes placed upon us? There are many stereotypes which include gender, race, ecconomic status, etc. I have dealt with and noticed inaccurate stereotypes often. Is it a big deal? Sometimes it is, other times like how many shoes one has isn’t a big deal. It just gave me a reason to bring this up I suppose. What kinds of stereotypes have you faced that are either accurate or inaccurate?

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