My New Kindle!

28 Oct

Hello again,

Today I finally got my new Kindle after a bit of an ordeal with the shipping. For those of you who do not know, I was given the opportunity to get a kindle free through Bzz agent. To qualify, I needed to write a blog post that would impress them. I guess what I wrote was impressive and I received word that I would get one. I was more excited than I have been for anything in a very long time. lol I would get a Kindle as part of a campaign. You may be asking what is Bzz agent and what campaign? Well Bzz agent is a company that you sign up to be a member of that has campaigns you can be part of to try products and spread the word about those products. It is about the idea that word of mouth advertising is the best advertising if I understand correctly. I feel they are quite correct. I would take friend’s opinions into account over advertising any day. So bzz agent gives products for free and then we “bzz” about them to friends and family which of course should help boost the product that it sells more as long as the product is good. Most products I have tried are wonderful and I am more than excited to tell friends about it. I am not paid to do this or to advertise-this is completely voluntary. I am sharing my opinion whether good or bad.

Now that I hopefully have given you some idea about what bzz agent is and how I got a free Kindle-I would like to share my first impressions. 🙂 I would like to say that I am being completely honest and sharing my opinion like I would with any product I am happy or disappointed with. If you would like more information on Bzz agent you can either visit their website or feel free to ask me any questions.

First off, I am very displeased with Fed Ex and their inability to understand my address but I shall leave that for another post. My first impressions of the Kindle are very good. Upon opening the box, I found the Kindle and if tech can be beautiful-the kindle would be exactly that. I love the design of it. Of course this is one with a keyboard and not the brand new one that just came out with a touch screen but it is beautiful just the same! I was happy to learn that you can use it while it is charging. That is so wonderful when you are really excited to have a kindle and can not wait to press the power button. lol The first thing I came across on the Kindle was the user manual and read through a bunch of it but I have to admit I got bored and decided to explore on my own. lol The whole design of the menu and settings makes it so easy to navigate. I found my way around very easily even though I only got through part of the user manual. I turned on the wi-fi and found my network easily and once I entered the password for the wi-fi network I was good to go. I registered the kindle and then explored more of the settings. You can do a lot with the settings and I was very pleased to learn everything the kindle does. I will get more in to that in another post though once I get a little more familiar with it. I held it and stared at the screen for an hour and my arms never got tired or sore and my eyes never felt strained. With a normal book, it can get quite heavy after a while. So far I have 24 books on the kindle which were a breeze to add on. I think I am in love with my new Kindle. lol

Now for the downsides if there are any. The only downsides I would list is that it isn’t a touch screen which is different considering all the devices we own with touch screens. My first immediate thought was to touch the screen to move it but it didn’t work. lol It is funny because my mom did the same thing when she first tried it. Is the lack of a touch screen a downside? In some ways it can be-in others it is no big deal. Another downside is that I can not seem to change the contrast of the screen. I do find that it would be nice to have a bit more contrast between the background and the letters but again it is nothing major. The last and final thing that is sort of a downside is that you must have a light on to read it just like a normal book. But it is also a good point with it because that means no backlit screen that is so hard to stare at for long periods of time and it affects your sleep as well if you read off a backlit screen before bed. With the special e ink screen I do have to find a light but I don’t have to worry about hurting my eyes staring at it. Plus It is not that hard to find a light to switch on. lol I do it with books all the time. 🙂 So it can be good and not so good.

I think that is all I have to say about my first impressions. Based on what I have seen so far, I would totally recommend it to family and friends. I would even pay the 139.00 if I had the money to do so. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go read some more of my book on my new kindle. 🙂

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