Funny lessons learned

16 Feb

Hi again,

Today I decided to buy a pie for my family and myself when I was out running errands. I thought it would be a good way to say thanks to my family for all the help and support they gave me last week. But when I got home, I never even thought to make sure I didn’t set the pie on the floor right way up. Not only that-I didn’t just set it down – it actually fell on the floor. When I turned it over and showed my mom, we both had a good laugh and now we will be eating what I am calling “blueberry pie explosion” because it really looks like it exploded. lol It got me thinking that I have had some interesting and funny lessons that I would like to share. This one may not be incredibly funny but I hope you get a laugh over at least one. 🙂

This next lesson I learned the hard way happened last week while in Edmonton. Thankfully everyone saw the humour in my mistake and laughed about it. 🙂 Did you know that you should not open a can of Ginger ale when it has been frozen? I seriously had no idea. Last Thursday I had forgotten a can of ginger ale in the vehicle which miraculously did not explode. When I got in the vehicle Friday morning I discovered the partially frozen can. I thought about it and figured that if there is pressure in the can, the most logical thing to do to relieve pressure is to open it. Oh yes I did. Just as my mom was saying to never open a frozen can. Thankfully we were not driving and I quickly opened the door and nothing spilled in the vehicle. Who knew that ginger ale would act like a volcano in those conditions? Ok ok maybe others do but I didn’t. lol It could be quite entertaining in a controlled environment though. 😉 Who needs baking soda and vinegar? lol

Over the summer I learned another lesson the hard way. I learned that autocorrect often causes messages to turn out differently than I have typed. I would like to share one example that had my mom and I laughing after everything was explained. I was texting my mom about a canna lily that we got and apparently autocorrect has not heard of a canna lily before. My mom received a text about “my cannabis” having flowers. I wasn’t really familiar with auto correct issues yet so I hadn’t learned to read texts before sending them and was surprised by the text my mom sent back. She asked if she should be concerned what I am growing. We both joked about my “cannabis” for a while. lol No worries though – I do not grow cannabis.

For those of you that know me, you know I love gardening. I also love the little critters I discover while gardening. Sometimes when I find one, I like to show people because I think it is cute. Not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for them as I do. I learned this sad lesson at a young age. Recently I learned something else. When you go to show someone a cute frog that you just saved, don’t open your hands near that person’s face. I am thinking I do not have to mention that frogs jump and may hit who ever is in close proximity to them. It was so funny to me though.

A couple more quick lessons – A tv remote will not turn on the stereo no matter how many times you press the power button. You should not put marshmallows in the microwave. it is funny watching what happens but not so much to clean it up.

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