I’m radioactive?

17 Feb

Hello again,

Today I went for a bone scan which involved an injection that made me radioactive. When I heard that I would technically be radioactive I immediately smiled and asked if I would glow or get any special powers. 😉 I made the nurse laugh which is always good. But I didn’t get any special powers-at least not any that I have discovered yet. 😉 Apparently I would beep though if I went by a scanner testing for radioactivity.

The scan itself was interesting. I am glad that I’m not claustrophobic though because part of the scan involved me having only couple inches of space between my face and the scanner. I decided to close my eyes and pretend it wasn’t there. While laying on the table, I thought about all the medical tests that I have had done and what we go through to find out what is causing us to have pain/discomfort. I think about being “radioactive” and while it is a very small amount and technically not harmful – it is nice that we don’t end up getting sick from the stuff used to diagnose what ever ails us. I know the tests are safe and have no worries about that. I just find it weird how we can go through tests like the bone scan where we become radioactive and yet it isn’t a threat to our health.

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