What I’m Reading this week

28 Feb

Hello again,

I have been really busy reading lately and trying to get through books that need to go back to the library. I would love to share about some of those books but I am still busy trying to get through books. I thought I would write a quick post on what I have planned to read this week or I suppose in the next couple of days actually. I love taking photos so here is a photo and then I will list them as well below the photo.

Here are the books I am reading.

From order of bottom to the top – Consumer Reports New Car Buying Guide 2006-07, Lemon-Aid New Cars and Minivans 2007, The Insiders Guide to Buying a new or used Car, Motormouth The Complete Canadian Car Guide 2011 edition, and Chicken Soup for the Christian Women’s Soul to mix it up a bit. 🙂 Sense a theme? lol I am looking into buying my own vehicle and I want to do the research before I physically look at any vehicles. This will be my first vehicle and I want to make the best decision I can with the amount of money that I have to spend. Any and all advice anyone can offer me is very much appreciated! I am now half way through Motormouth and it is an excellent book that I would recommend to anyone considering a vehicle purchase. I would love to share more about it but I need to get back to reading. 🙂

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