Birdwatching: Common Redpolls

08 Mar

Hello again

This morning as I was watching the birds at the bird feeder, I thought why not share pictures of the birds I get to enjoy watching each day. I have to admit, up until this week, I didn’t know what these birds were but I knew they were fun to watch. As it turns out, these birds are called Common Redpolls and they are a type of finch. They also migrate south to Canada during the winter. lol I find it amusing to think that birds migrate south to Canada. When I think of birds migrating south, I think south to the states from here-I never thought about Canada being a southern destination for birds during the winter. As it turns out, these beautiful tiny birds do just that. 🙂 Despite the birds’ small size (about the size of a chickadee) they are very resistant to cold. They love sunflower seeds and travel in groups up to several hundred. The group we have here has fewer than 50 birds though. They also get along well with the chickadees here which is great. Here are a few photos of the birds and one photo of a chickadee at the end. Enjoy!

The males and females both have the red “poll” on the top of their head and the males have a red chest where the females have the black spot on the throat.






















































websites where I got information about these birds

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  1. Edison Wojtecki

    March 22, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    Appreciate it for helping out, good information.


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