20 Mar

Hello again,

Almost 6 weeks ago I finally got the invite to join Pinterest which is a new site that is quickly gaining in popularity. Pinterest seems to be the new facebook and it is much better as well. For those that are still in the dark about this new site, it is a site that is picture oriented and the pictures show what you love. Pinterest is more about sharing who you are where facebook is geared towards sharing what you are doing. When people click on your “boards” and see the pictures that you have “pinned”, they get to know a little more about who you are by what you like. Another difference is that Pinterest is open to anyone wanting to see what you pin where facebook requires people to become “friends” first. People can “follow” you on Pinterest which is much like twitter in that respect. I was hooked to Pinterest the first day I joined. It is so much more fun than facebook ever was. I have boards for style, food, photography I love, home organization, gardening, humour, quotes I love, books I have read, etc. But the best feature of Pinterest for me is the fact that everything is in picture format which makes it easy and quick to scroll through people’s boards to see what they have pinned. Another neat feature on Pinterest is that you can pin anything from any site where you find something you love and you want to share. For example, if I am on a recipe site and I see a great recipe that I love, I can click on the photo and “Pin It” to Pinterest to share with my followers. It is so easy. If you would like to check out my boards, here is a link to my Pinterest page 🙂

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