A new project

28 Mar

Hello again,

Recently I found out that it is becoming popular to make furniture out of pallets and when I looked it up, I saw so many beautiful projects that I felt I had to try it myself. Pallets come a dime a dozen, especially if you have a father that works in the construction industry. After they have been used, they are seen as useless and given away to anyone who will take them. Usually we cut them up for firewood and I had no idea that they would be useful for anything else…. until I saw what people have done with them. I found out that some of the pallets are actually made of oak which is a beautiful hardwood and generally pricey to buy.

I decided to approach my dad about getting a pallet to make into something and his first reaction was why and (I have suspicions) he thought I had lost my marbles. lol So I decided to show him photos of what people have done with them and his next question was how many did I want. lol I asked for 1 to start. We went outside to his stack of pallets and chose one that looked the best. Immediately I saw the potential of the pallet that had been so easily discarded. My level of excitement grew as we grabbed the belt sander to see what was beneath the ugly dirty exterior and discovered this beautiful oak. As you may know, oak is wonderful wood that stains really nice bringing out all the grains in the wood. My dad was so surprised by the quality of wood that he is interested in joining me with this new project. Although I doubt he will have much time to help as he is very busy. I found out that I can only manage about 10-15 minutes of sanding before my back is in a lot of pain so it is a slow process but a rewarding one. As for what I am building, I am leaning towards a coffee table but I will decide as I go. It is a creative process for me and I am open to where ever it leads.

With the discovery, I can’t help but see the similarities between the wood and people. I think about all the times where people are judged by their appearance and looked upon as not very useful or that they have very little value with nothing to contribute to society. Yet if you take the time to go a little deeper beyond the surface, you often discover they are indeed beautiful with worth and value. A diamond in the rough so to speak. I have also been viewed by some in my past as worthless and I have struggled with seeing myself that way as a result. But maybe I am (along with so many others) like that pallet and I also have value that hasn’t been visible to me. Just like the dirt and aged grey exterior covering the outer edges of the wood that makes it look worthless, insults from others and distorted views of myself have covered who I feel that I am that I do not see my true self. I have also been told about qualities I possess by friends and family who know me, but I can not yet see what they see. Maybe with some work, I can finally discover that I have qualities and value that I don’t currently see or believe I possess.

In closing, I am excited to see where this project leads and hopefully it turns into something nice. I enjoy having a project to do and feeling excitement about something. In my life, I tend to have very little that causes excitement which also possibly explains why this project makes me excited. lol As I work on it, it reminds me that I may have many limitations but I can still do something even though it takes me longer to complete. Sometimes I get into the thought pattern that if I can’t do it as well or as fast as someone else, then I can not do it at all. Even though I have to take a lot more breaks and it takes longer, it doesn’t mean that I can not create something beautiful too. I also believe it is helping me to realize that I may have value too. This is very important for me to learn and I find it interesting how a simple project can teach me something so important.

I hope to be able to provide some photos soon of the progress I am making so stay tuned!


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2 responses to “A new project

  1. KV

    March 29, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    great post Heather!


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