Fishy Business

02 Apr

Hello again,

Today I would first like to introduce you to my fish and then share the events of this past week which have been very interesting. The first fish I bought was a Betta (about 1 1/2 yrs ago) who I named Finley. He is a beautiful fish with red and blue colouring. Then about a year ago I bought 2 more fish who are Danios and I named them Burt and Ernie. Yes they are named after Seseme Street Characters. 🙂 Burt always likes to chase Ernie though and until recently I had no idea why.

The fishy business actually started a couple of weeks ago. I noticed Ernie looking a bit fat. I thought there were a couple possibilities as to why this could be happening. I thought maybe I was feeding them too much or maybe the water was too dirty and Ernie was sick. So I decided to clean out the tank which ended up being quite a process with one of the buckets spilling water all over my floor and causing a bit of panic, but that is another story for another time possibly. Despite me cleaning the tank, Ernie still has quite a belly. So I went to the pet store to inquire about whether Ernie may actually be a girl and possibly pregnant. As it turns out, Ernie is indeed pregnant and now it makes much more sense why Burt loves to chase Ernie so much. lol Although I think Burt was doing a little more than just chasing her. 😉 So now I have officially changed Ernie’s name to Ernistine and I still call her Ernie for short. I am happy I called them the names I did so that it was as easy as it was to change Ernie’s name. 🙂

As for Ernie’s babies, I have absolutely no idea how to set anything up to ensure the eggs hatch without being eaten so I may just leave them be and see what happens. I also really have no idea how far along Ernie is so it could be difficult to know when she will lay the eggs that I could try to protect them from her and the other fish. If anyone has any suggestions what to do-I would love to hear it! So far she is still pregnant and Burt doesn’t seem so interested in chasing her right now which is nice. They actually seem to swim together more now.

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