Controversial Education Act

27 Apr

Hello again,

First I would like to say that it is always interesting looking at the popular vote versus how many seats a party gets. Now the apparent discrepancies are likely due to the fact we have 4 main parties + the Alberta Party but it would be wise for the PC party to recognize both numbers I think. When looking at the number of seats the PC party won, it seems that a large majority of Albertans voted for the PC party since the PC party won 61 seats with the Wildrose party winning 17 seats, the NDP winning 4 seats and the Liberals winning 5. I am really happy to see the amount of seats the Wildrose won being such a new party. I also think it is quite an accomplishment for the Liberals and NDP to win the seats they do in a largely Conservative province. The PC party acts as though the majority of Albertans love them which would seem that way when only focusing on the number of seats. But when you take a look at popular votes, the PC party numbers are not nearly as impressive. The PC party only got 44% of the votes, which means 56% of voters voted against them for other parties. Yet because of how everything is set up, the PC party still won quite a majority. I do hope that they do not continue to be so arrogant and bully Albertans because in the next election people will hopefully not be as forgiving to them if they do.

Now on to an article I read this morning that causes me to wonder if the PC party still has not learned anything and the bullying may still continue. I like Brian Mason’s remark that the PC’s had a near death experience. lol Remember the extremely controversial change in the Education act that Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk brought forward concerning parents and what they can teach their children? The change that led to a lot of people being angry and apparently someone even sent him a death threat for? Before the election it was dropped because of the uproar from parents. But now he wants to bring it back again and try to put it through. This not only affects Homeschooling families but apparently Faith based schools as well. According to the article the Wildrose party backs “concerns that it would affect parents’ ability to teach children according to their values.” If you would like to read the article for yourself, here it is from the Calgary Herald. Education Act could spur first major Tory-Wildrose clash . In the article it quotes Lukaszuk as saying that the Wildrose party shouldn’t oppose the bill and – “If they have learned something from this election they may not, but I imagine they will,”. To me, that speaks volumes that he is still arrogant thinking that Albertans spoke in the election and apparently love the PC party. Maybe I am reading something into it that isn’t there but I am only sharing my opinion and that is what I see. Either way, I am against this change and I think if enough of us are against it and enough people make noise in a peaceful manner (with no death threats) that maybe the government may listen and back down again.

I do not have children (although I hope to in the future) but I have friends that do have children in the education system (public or not) and I do not think this is a move forward in the Education system. But again this is my opinion and we are all free to have our opinions right? It would be nice if we could all just get along and understand and respect that there are many different beliefs and parents should be able to pass their beliefs and values to their children without opposition from the government. Is it that so problematic? Maybe I do not see the entire picture or maybe there is more to it that I have not read about but from where I stand, it doesn’t seem right. Feel free to share your comments-I am more than happy to hear other people’s views and if I am incorrect on something please feel free to correct me. I don’t mind. I would actually love to hear people’s thoughts on this no matter where you stand.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog entry.

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