My New Car. :)

04 May

Hello again,

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new car-my first car. 🙂 For the past several years I have shared a vehicle because I could not afford my own. But I finally managed to buy my own car. This was largely out of necessity because it was becoming increasingly difficult to share the vehicle I was driving before. I have put money aside now for a little while and it worked out that Nissan had quite a good deal happening that I could manage to afford to buy a new 2012 Versa Hatch. I had done extensive research and had narrowed my choices down to a Honda Fit or a Nissan Versa if it would work out that I could get the car I wanted and not the one I could just afford.

My reasons for wanting either the Fit or the Versa were largely fuel economy and size. The Honda Fit ended up losing out because there is no way that I could have paid an amount even close to the deal I got with the Nissan. Fuel economy for the Versa (and the Fit) are among the best in their class. An interesting thing to mention is that the Nissan is larger than any of the other vehicles in its class. It is in the same compact class as vehicles like the Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent and Mazda2. When looking at most of these vehicles in terms of size, they are smaller than the Versa and about the same price or higher. This definitely attracted me to the Versa.

The features that I would not budge on were automatic transmission, air conditioning and it had to be relatively easy for me to get in and out of in terms of my back. I have a fused spine and it makes it difficult to get into a lot of vehicles. It isn’t impossible but difficult. I am also quite tall and I didn’t want to be hitting the roof of the car while driving which I have done with the Saturn I was driving before. As far as air conditioning, I will never ever go without it ever again. I learned to drive in my parent’s Oldsmobile Ferenza which didn’t have air conditioning and it was horrible during the summer. I am happy to say that the Nissan Versa had all of these plus many more nice features.

The Good

There are many features I love about the Nissan Versa and I would I would like to share some of them with you.

  • GPS- I was able to afford a model that has the navigation package so it has a gps which will make a huge difference for me because I tend to get lost easily.
  • steering wheel audio controls- because I like to switch stations but can’t do that while driving usually. I get bored when there are lots of commercials or when there are songs I do not like. Now I switch stations without taking my hands off the wheel or my eyes off the road. 🙂
  • Xtronic CVT (continuously variable transmission)- This is quite nice and I have read many reviews on it saying either it is great or terrible. I decided to try it myself and I loved it.
  • lots of power- this is something I did not have with the Saturn so it is quite a nice change. The Versa speeds up so fast and I no longer have to really step on it to get up hills. lol It is so wonderful not having people passing me as I attempt to keep up speed on a hill. The power this car has makes it so fun to drive and I smile every time I drive it.
  • comfy seats-they are so comfortable that it helps my back in terms of pain levels.
  • Fun to drive – I just had to add this in because I have so much fun driving it and it actually brightens my day when I drive it. lol who knew a car could do that? I didn’t.
  • Fuel economy – last but not least, the fuel economy is great. It is so nice to see the needle taking longer to go from full to empty. 🙂

The Bad

  • There is only one thing I do not like though about the car. One of the features it has is the bluetooth speakerphone thing that goes through the radio. I was so excited about this because it would make things much safer and easier to call people if I am running late or what ever. The problem with this is that Nissan’s bluetooth stuff isn’t compatible with many phones. I thought if a phone has bluetooth then it will pair up with the car. This sadly isn’t the case. I have a Motorola Milestone (that has been a huge pain but that’s another story) and it doesn’t pair up with the car. I found out that Nissan is apparently very strict in what phones are allowed to be compatible with it. So in other words, I should have had an iphone. lol oh well. I plan to have this car for a long time and eventually I hope to be able to have an iphone.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I love it and it is fun to drive. I still have to look at it when I get in and out and tell myself that it is actually my car. 🙂 I actually did something good. 🙂 I am proud of myself for getting a good deal on a car that I love. This vehicle will give me so much more independence that I haven’t had before. It is also more than just a car to me- it is a reminder that I am actually moving forward in my life even if it is taking a much longer than I had hoped. I may have problems with my back for many years still and I may not be able to work a regular job like other people do but it doesn’t mean I am stuck. This car reminds me that even though my life isn’t as normal as I had hoped for, I can still move ahead and do things that I want to be able to accomplish. I had doubts that I could move forward in my life and worried that I would never be able to be independent because of physical limitations but this car shows me that I am moving ahead. 🙂 Overall I am very pleased with how this turned out. 🙂 Thanks for taking time to read my blog post.

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