I am home. :)

06 Jun

Hello again,
I was discharged from the hospital on Monday but I simply haven’t been able to update my blog until now. I apologize for the delay in posting about being home. It is absolutely wonderful to be home! I wish I could have shared a bit more while being in the hospital because there were definitely a few things I could have posted about. I could have written about subjects like my drug induced dreams with Kiefer Sutherland, aliens, flying trucks and Canadian geese (it was quite a trip! Lol) or about the one solitary single mean nurse I met who made me laugh by how she acted but I just didn’t manage to do so. I do need to mention that every nurse other than that one nurse was fantastic and caring and their kindness makes a world of difference when I am in the hospital. Maybe I might still find some time to share a bit of my stay in the hospital bt right now it seems a bit like yesterdays news right now.

The trip home was actually much easier than anticipated and I am still not completely sure why but I don’t mind and will not complain. 🙂 Physically I am further ahead this time around than with the first two surgeries which I am very pleased about. I am seeing progress each day which is nice. 🙂 I only needed my mom’s help with getting dressed for a couple of days. It is always difficult not being able to do simple tasks like dressing myself because I feel very helpless. I am still dealing with a ton of limitations but each day my limitations slowly decrease and I am able to do a bit more.

Emotionally I have been dealing with the usual frustration that I have dealt with after each surgery. Simple tasks turn into obstacles or grow into larger tasks that take a lot of effort and pain to get accomplished. I have noticed myself feeling a sense of dread when I first get up in the morning and the temptation to just not get up sometimes. Yet staying in bed would not solve anything and it would just prolong the recovery. So I get up. I guess it is just frustrating because nothing comes easy and everything becomes work. I can’t just go to the bathroom or hop in the shower- it requires a lot of effort and time to carry out. I do not want to sound depressing or negative but I want to be honest and share what I am going through. I think the hardest part is seeing something like a jug of milk and knowing that I used to be able to lift it but now I can not. Or seeing something on the floor that I was able to grab before the surgery and now it is out of my reach. I know it is only temporary but these are reminders of my limitations which are all over the house and I encounter them several times a day. Seeing these limitations isn’t always depressing however, but often they give me something to push towards that I can accomplish and feel good about. Being so limited in my mobility also reminds me to be grateful for simple things like getting out of bed or walking to the bathroom because they temporarily become difficult.

I want to end with saying how extremely grateful I am to my family for being so understanding and helping me get through each day. My mom has had to take on so much more by helping me with daily tasks like showers, getting dressed, getting food prepared, carrying items for me that I can’t lift myself, etc. I do not think I could make it through recovery without her help or the help of the rest of my family. 🙂 I also want to give a special thanks to all the people who have prayed for me and continue to pray- your prayers are very much appreciated and do make a difference! Thanks to friends as well who have supported me through all of this because it makes a huge difference for me emotionally to have that support. Thanks to everyone who have helped me- I really appreciate it!

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