Pictures of my hardware!

27 Jun

Hello again,

Today marks one month since my surgery and it seemed like a good time to share photos of my hardware in my back. 🙂 The piece of rod that I have is actually what was removed and it isn’t the same as what was put in but it gives me and anyone else an idea of what is in my back. 🙂

First I would like to share a bit about the rod before I show the photo. I could only be given part of the rod for some reason but that is ok-I still got a piece of it! It is weird holding it and knowing that this piece of metal has been inside of me for 4yrs! It is from the second set of rods that I had in my back. The first set of rods I had were apparently a LOT larger than these because they had to hold my back in place while my spine fused together. This second set was much much thinner because my spine was already fused. They were sort of insurance I guess that they would be there if something went wrong maybe? As it turns out, they were not very helpful because the one broke from the pressure put on it. These rods are made of titanium so I am guessing there was a lot of strain on them for the one rod to break! Anyways here is a photo of the piece of rod I get to keep as a souvenir sort of. 🙂

a piece of the rod that was removed from my back.

Next up is a picture of the screw that I have which hasn’t been in my back before but it is what was used in my back. As far as I understand, it was one that couldn’t be used for some reason. So I was lucky enough to get to have it! Apparently one of these screws costs about 700.00!!!! I have 9 of them in my spine holding the rods in place! My back is worth a lot I guess? Although I suppose they are worthless once they have been used and contaminated. My second surgery was done because one of these same screws pulled loose out of my spine. Once you see the photo, you can probably imagine how much force it must have taken to pull it loose. It was also quite painful and led to me being pretty much bed ridden for almost a year as I waited for another surgery. These screws are quite large in my opinion considering they are screwed into my spine. Anyways here is the photo of the screw. 🙂

I would like to finish by saying thanks for taking the time to read through this post. 🙂 I know time is precious so it means a lot that you take the time to read it. Thank you.


Posted by on June 27, 2012 in Surgery and recovery


3 responses to “Pictures of my hardware!

  1. Cheryl Babiak

    July 2, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    you are a very amazing young lady that can share so much with the world thanks Heather and good luck to a fast recovery looking forward on seeing many updates and many more wonderful photos,,

    • heatherv11

      July 2, 2012 at 7:57 pm

      Thanks so much Cheryl! I really appreciate your kind words. 🙂

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    July 20, 2012 at 1:49 pm

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