Driving Again! :)

03 Jul

Hello again,

Yesterday I drove again for the first time since before my surgery. 🙂 It felt exhilarating to have another small piece of my independence back. This is another milestone in my road to recovery and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t go very far-just to the parkland mall and back home again but it was fun to get out on my own. Emotionally it was very positive for me. Driving in to town I almost felt normal again. lol Walking around in the mall on my own was fun and I was able to feel independent and like I had a life again. I could forget for just a little bit what I have been dealing with the past couple of months. I didn’t feel so much like I was recovering from another surgery but like someone enjoying some time shopping at the mall. The pain wasn’t gone but that was ok. I was enjoying myself. After what my life has been like the past couple of months-this was exciting! 🙂

The downside to the whole trip yesterday was the pain I had to deal with afterwards, and it tired me out as well. It is possible for me to drive in to town but very tiring and painful. This is partly due to me not listening to my body and pushing myself too hard. I wonder if I will ever learn to listen to my limits! The thing is that my limits are still quite low and I want to do so much more than my body can handle, so it is difficult to listen when my body tells me to stop. I always end up facing consequences of pain which can get quite high. The pain I was dealing with is why I didn’t manage to post yesterday. My family is asking me if I feel the whole trip was worth it and a good thing or bad because I ended up in so much pain. I think that all in all it was a very positive experience because it really lifted me up a lot emotionally knowing that it is possible to get out on my own. I just have to be more careful next time how far I push myself and maybe I will not end up in quite so much pain. I may only manage to spend 30 minutes in a store and have to come home again or I may manage an hour in town before having to head home but at least I would not be in such poor shape afterwards. My back is still in pretty bad shape from yesterday but it is getting better. I am actually proud of myself for allowing myself to get proper rest this morning which helped my back a lot. So maybe it is possible for me to learn after all. It is just taking awhile to sink in. lol

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