Close encounter with a robin

13 Jul

Hello again,

I have had a very long week full of ups and downs which I have considered writing about but just never got around to it. I may still kind of give a week in review but tonight I want to share a quick post about a close encounter I had with a robin tonight. It definitely made my day. ūüôā

Tonight I was outside and near the end of the veranda when I noticed a robin hopping along around the corner. She didn’t notice me until she was around the corner so she¬†ended up¬†standing within 5 ft of me. I absolutely love robins and I¬†really enjoy watching them but¬†I have never had the opportunity¬†to be so close to one. I stood very still and¬†pretty much held¬†my breath so I wouldn’t scare her while I marveled at how little distance there was between us. It felt almost as if I could reach out and touch her. We both looked at each other for a couple of moments before she hopped and flew away. It was one of those moments that I did wish I had a camera but also realized that trying to take a photo would have ruined the moment. If I would have fiddled with a camera, she definitely wouldn’t have stayed.

On a day when my back has caused me so much grief, this was definitely something that made my day so much better! I find it’s often the little things that can be so¬†wonderful and uplifting¬†so I try not to miss them. Whether it’s a kind word someone shares with me, a close encounter with a bird or a¬†beautiful sunset, they all make a difference in my life. I will remember this experience¬†hopefully for a very long time. ūüôā

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