The tale of a rogue alarm clock

30 Dec

Hello again,

I suppose this tale isn’t so much about a rogue alarm clock as it is about a misbehaving one. I should probably mention first that I don’t always have the best relationship with technology despite the love I have for it. I sort of have to argue with it on occasion to make it work for me. Maybe make a few threats to show I mean business-you know what I mean right? I hope I am not hopelessly alone in this.

This story begins a couple weeks ago when my alarm clock decided that it would stop working. Maybe it was tired of being shut up when it woke me up and felt unappreciated or maybe it just got tired of going off every morning. Maybe it was annoyed because sometimes it did it’s job and I failed to wake up. It could have been tired of me pushing it’s buttons as well. What ever the case, my alarm clock went silent… no more music to wake me up. None. Not a peep or a beep.

At first I thought I was simply sleeping through it because I was so tired. I went to bed sooner and got more sleep. But I still seemed to be missing the music in the morning. So I checked the clock and discovered there was no sound. Huh. I wiggled the volume control, finally heard music again and I thought everything was good again. Yet I think my alarm clock had other plans because the next morning there was silence once again. No music. As a result, I overslept and was late to go somewhere. Of course I got mad at my alarm clock. I threatened to replace it if it didn’t start behaving. But the threats didn’t work like they sometimes do. My clock wouldn’t respond. Maybe it thought I wasn’t serious?

Each night I would wiggle the volume till it made noise in hopes that it would still work in the morning. Each morning my cat woke me up because I overslept and he was hungry. I am so thankful for my cat being my back up alarm. lol Then yesterday (Saturday) I finally had enough. I decided to follow through on my threat and I ordered a new alarm clock online. I laughed at my clock and told it that it has finally been replaced and I no longer require it’s unreliable services. Plus I rubbed in how wonderful this new model is with it’s temperature display and fancy dual alarm just for fun.

My clock did not appreciate being replaced and had other plans for me. I think it decided revenge is in order. As if to get back at me for replacing it, this morning it finally broke its silence and woke me up way earlier than I should have gotten up. I am not kidding. How does an alarm clock do that? It isn’t just alarm clocks, the printers have it in for me too. 😉 To be fair though, my alarm clock has been very faithful for a lot of years but it’s misbehavior has led me to question it and whether it will be there for me when I need it to be. After all, if it does this once, it can do it again right? Am I wrong to still replace it?

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you had as much fun reading this post as I did in writing it. The events of this tale really did happen. The timing of the clock still really makes me laugh.

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