New Favorite music

15 Mar

Hi again

I have recently found some new favorite music that I have on repeat often on my mp3 player that I want to share with you. I find my favorites change as I discover new artists and I go through different circumstances and I relate to different songs. Then there are songs I love to hear no matter what mood I am in. 🙂 The music I am listing today is stuff that is new on my mp3 player and new favorites for me. Some are older songs that I have loved for awhile but have never purchased them before now but I am still listing them as new favorites because they are new on my player. 🙂 I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The first song I want to share is one that I heard on the radio and I felt I needed that song because I loved it so much. It is by Kelly Clarkson and the title is Stronger. I also recently heard “Dark Side” and “Catch My Breath” and felt the same way about them too. Especially Dark Side because I really relate to it. I think we are often afraid of people discovering our “dark side” and abandoning us.Anyways they are must haves on my playlist. 🙂 The last one I want to mention is “People Like Us” I don’t know how I haven’t heard this one before but I absolutely love it. It’s like an anthem for all of us misfits. 🙂

I personally love Kelly Clarkson already and have favorites from her that I love to listen to. Some of my favorites from her: Because of You, Mr. Know It All, Already Gone, and Breakaway (a long time favorite). These are the ones that come to mind right now anyways. 🙂

The next artist I want to mention is Rob Thomas. I recently heard the song “This is how a Heart Breaks” and I love this song! I am not sure how I have never heard it before but I have now. 🙂 I have other favorites from him as well.

Another artist I have recently really started listening to alot is Nickleback. Actually a couple specific songs are on my replay/repeat list. Those are “When We Stand Together” and “Lullaby”.

The last ones I would like to mention are Francesca Battistelli “Free To Be Me”, “I’m Letting Go” and Downhere “Living the Dream” (which I bought in December so it is sort of new 🙂 )

There you have it-my new favorites. 🙂 These join a very long list of favorites which is quite a long list that I might share sometime but not today. I hope you enjoy some of the songs I have listed and maybe discovered new favorites yourself. 🙂 thanks for taking time to view my blog.

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