Birthday Benefits updated

21 Mar

Hello again,

Last year I posted about birthday benefits and I wanted to add to it and update it because I have discovered more freebies. 🙂 If you would like to see my earlier post you can click here for the link- birthday benefits. Unless otherwise stated, it is free to sign up for these birthday freebies. 🙂 I think any of the offers I have posted below are all free to sign up. Some you have to spend some money first to get the free item. Also different freebies are available for different amounts of time so be aware of that. Some are only available on the day of your birthday and some are available for 1-2 weeks surrounding your birthday. Some also offer incentives to sign up like Quiznos. 🙂 So it is definitely worth checking into!

Montanas apparently offers a free dessert on your birthday. As far as I know, you do not need to sign up for this and you just need to tell them it is your birthday. But I have to still confirm this.

Quiznos – you get something in your email when you are part of Q-Club. It is a free cookie when you buy a sandwich. Also when you sign up for the Q-club, they send you a combo upgrade for signing up. 🙂

Booster Juice- offers something free when you join Booster Nation but I am not entirely sure what it is yet. I can update when I receive the coupon in my email. 🙂

Orange Julius – offers a free smoothie or drink for your birthday when you join the Julius League. When you sign up for the Julius league, you are offered a BOGO coupon for a drink as well. 🙂 It is good for 15 days before it “self destructs” lol

Menchies – I have not yet been to Menchies although I keep intending to go. lol They apparently offer free frozen yogurt up to 5.00 for your birthday. I believe you have to sign up for their Smilage program though which you do in store.

Swagbucks – 50 free swag bucks on your birthday. I am not sure though if this is automatic. I love swagbucks as I have got a lot of amazon money through them. 🙂

Marble Slab – a free cone with one mix in on your birthday. 🙂 You do have to sign up for this one though. click here to sign up. I have gotten this for a couple years now and it is yummy although it is better if the weather is nice. For my birthday that can be a challenge as it is at the end of march when it can still quite easily be snowing. lol

Rickis – when you join Fashion + friends (free to join), you get special offers and a birthday offer sent to your email. I am not sure what it is though. I will be able to update after I receive it. 🙂 Join Fashion + friends

Milestones – this one isn’t available for me because I don’t live near the 2 locations in Alberta but if you have one where you live, it is another one to consider. When you buy 3 entrees, you get the fourth one free. You need to sign up for this one which is free to join. click here to join.

The Comic Strip- if you live in Edmonton and sign up, you get a free ticket on your birthday. This would be kind of neat if you live in or around Edmonton. Click here to sign up.

The Sawmill – (Edmonton Alberta) – I have copied and pasted the info below.


We wish to make your birthday the ultimate celebration!  By making a reservation for 4 or more people and joining us one week before or one week after the special guest’s birth date you will receive $25.00 off your guest cheque for dinner or $15.00 off during lunch.  4 or more regular priced entrees must be purchased.  Discount is applied through your Sawmill Loyalty Card therefore please include your birth date when registering your profile.

full details of the loyalty program here – Loyalty Club

That is the list so far! I have seen that Pizza Hut and IHop offer stuff too but I haven’t been able to confirm yet if they do and what it is. There are likely a ton more offers that I haven’t found yet as well but this is what I know of currently. I will update if I find more. You can also search yourself and let me know if you know of any I have missed. thanks for reading my blog! I hope you get to enjoy the benefits of your birthday!

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