My Beef with Best Buy

25 Aug

Hello again,

I have a beef with Best Buy and I am very annoyed with them. Normally I do not shop at Best Buy so I wasn’t aware that there would be any issues with them. This past Thursday, they had an amazing sale on cameras and I couldn’t go into town so I ordered from Best Buy online. I have been saving up for a newer camera for some time and this was good timing. Looking back though, I wish I had taken the short trip into town and bought it right from the store.

My beef is with their supposed same day shipping. They say that if you order before a certain time that day, they offer same day shipping. They also claim “Unlike other online retailers who charge extra to process your order faster,
Best Buy will ensure your order leaves our warehouse the very same day you place
your order at no added cost to you. That’s Same Day Free Shipping! It’s simple
and free, no codes or memberships required.” That all sounds great but apparently if you live out of town, it isn’t so simple. I should mention that I only live about 11km out of town as well so not that far out. I called them today because it is technically 2 business days (4days total since it is a weekend) after the supposed same day shipping should have occurred and my camera still hasn’t shipped. I was told there has been a delay because they can not find my address and they are not sure how to send it to me. Um… there is a post office if they do not know how to find me. To which they replied something about trying to find the post office or something. hmm… have you heard of the internet or the phone book? Maybe they couldn’t decide which post office to send it to. I don’t know. To give you an idea of the address they are having difficulty finding, it goes like this: Site ** Box * Red Deer Alberta, etc. Although usually I write it Site **-* so there is no mention of a box number which seems to confuse so many people into thinking it is a P.O box which it isn’t.

I do not expect everyone to know where I live since I do live in a rural area. Most companies that I order from can’t find us. I understand why they can’t. We are tough to find if you do not know the area. When we moved here in 1989, even the land surveyor couldn’t find us and told us our place didn’t exist. lol My problem is that Best Buy seems to be taking their sweet time trying to figure out how to get my order shipped to me. Any other company that I have dealt with (and I have dealt with several), has found a way to get stuff to me much faster. Sure there are hiccups but they do their best and it is visible that they are. I have ordered from many companies both in Canada and the U.S. and sometimes it is that they think I have a P.O box and they want my physical address and an argument ensues because I try to tell them my address is my physical address. But it still gets shipped in the time they promise once it is all cleared up. But I think the difference is that other companies phone me when there is a problem with my address where Best Buy hasn’t.

This isn’t just a post complaining about problems I have but to warn you about Best Buy and to say that if you do live in a rural area, maybe choose an option to pick up in store or something. I regret that I didn’t try to do that. I still do not understand why they couldn’t have phoned me to let me know they had issues with the address (like other companies have done) and maybe give me the option to just have it shipped to the store. As it is, it may not even get shipped still until Tuesday. If I had not taken the initiative to phone them, it could have been even later. Tuesday would only be the time it is leaving the warehouse.  Who knows when it will show up here. Maybe I don’t understand how things work but I do know that Future Shop ships out with in the same day (or the next) to me and they are apparently somehow part of the same company. Go figure. I also know that several companies I have dealt with, work so much faster than Best Buy. Yet Best Buy talks like they offer faster service than anyone else. I looked through the small print (which there is a lot of) and didn’t see anything mentioning delays due to problems with where a person lives. How is it that other companies get products out so fast to me and Best Buy can not? Maybe Best Buy needs to take a look at their policies? Maybe they normally are really great with other people and it is just us and where we live. I don’t know. I just expect to have service that is promised to me. Is that such a problem?

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