14 Sep

Hello again,

Recently I was talking to someone who commented how fast time goes by and it got me thinking more about it. Time is a funny thing isn’t it? It can appear to fly by but also seemingly stand still. It ticks by whether we technically use it or not. Summer never feels long enough and winter drags on and feels like it has no end. Ever look at a clock when you want to be somewhere else and every time you look at it, it feels like more time should have gone by than it says has? Or have you had instances where it feels like 5 minutes has passed by when in fact it has been an hour? It hasn’t changed its speed but it feels like it has and usually to our dislike right? Time also seems to speed up as we get older.

After I had my first surgery, for awhile, I couldn’t really do anything for long periods during the day but lay in bed and basically stare at the ceiling. I think that was the first time I realized just how long one minute can feel. How endless one day can seem. I would lay there and think how much time we really had in one day. It seemed so completely opposite to what I was used to feeling about how each day went by too fast. I had complained often that there were not enough hours in the day. But while laying there, I wished there were fewer hours to get through. It felt like agony. During this period of time, I was too weak to hold up a book or a journal while I laid there and there was little I could do to pass the time. It wasn’t fun. But as I gained my strength, I still had all this time on my hands but I had options on what I could do. I got so excited because I had choices to make on what to do first. lol Slowly time seemed to speed up again as I got to do more which was great. 🙂

Can we ever really have a true sense of how long one minute is? Or will the length of it always be dependant on what we are doing or not doing? I still have many occasions (like today bc of physical issues) where time seems to go slower than “a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter” (a quote that I love lol). During times like this when I am very limited on what I can do, I wish I could offer some of my time to other people who could use it better than I could. Otherwise, I feel I am possibly wasting it where someone else could be more productive with it- like the person I was talking to this week who mentioned time. Sadly I can’t, but I suppose it is a nice thought. It’s the thought that counts right? lol I guess all we can do is be wise about how we use the time we are given. It can be hard when it whizzes by so fast that you feel like you don’t even have a moment to think before the day is over and you wonder where it went. Sometimes maybe we just get caught up in the business of life and we need to stop and reassess our priorities. I don’t know how though because sometimes we get juggling too many things to be able to stop even for a moment. But I do know one thing. That time is a very funny thing and continues on no matter what we do or how fast it feels it is going.

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