Harold the Magpie

24 Sep

Hi again,

Normally I strongly dislike magpies to the point that I do not want them anywhere near me but recently my view changed… at least for one magpie in particular. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been seeing a particular magpie that has been hanging around the house and it has been oddly friendly. I am not sure how long it has been here but I have noticed it only the past couple of weeks. I will sit outside by the back door, and it will be hopping along minding its own business. It will glance up at me every so often and when it is content that I do not appear to be a threat, it goes back to what ever it is doing. I laugh when it tilts its head at me, almost as if it is trying to figure me out. I enjoy watching this magpie and it is often a highlight of my day oddly. lol It seems to chatter away to itself as well which is funny to listen to. Kind of like a small child who is talking away to himself/herself while playing. Normally I dislike magpies because they are almost sadistic and bother the other birds and chase them away which I do not appreciate. This one seems to happily co-exist with the chickadees and robins and what ever else is around. We wonder if this magpie isn’t all there and that is why it doesn’t fit in with the others. It didn’t seem to ever be with the other magpies while they were here which is interesting as well. When I told my sister about this magpie over the weekend, she said it sounds like a children’s book and came up with the name harold. 🙂 So now this bird has a name as well. Harold the magpie who doesn’t fit in with the others and keeps to himself. 🙂 My family and I have joked about possibilities as to why this bird doesn’t act like the typical magpie but we really do not know. We don’t know how long it will stay for, but as long as it is here, we will enjoy watching it. 🙂 The other magpies have disappeared somewhere so I am wondering it won’t be long before Harold takes off as well. Although Harold is different and may stick around-I don’t know. I would be sad to see him (or her) go but I have enjoyed the entertainment it has given me for this short period of time. I took photos and attempted to take some video of Harold which I will post below. I can get very close to him without it being threatened. I thought it would be a nice tribute to the bird to write about him on my blog. Maybe someday I will write a children’s story for my nephews about Harold the magpie who didn’t fit in. 🙂 But for now, this is the story of Harold.

Harold is a good reminder that being different isn’t necessarily bad. Being different can actually be a positive thing. I have never really fit in to any groups so I feel I can relate to Harold. Yes I relate to a bird whose relatives are pests. I like Harold because he is different and not like the birds I can’t stand. If he had fit in and been like a normal magpie, I wouldn’t want him around. In his case, his differences are what make him good and unique. Otherwise, he would be just like any other magpie and I never would have noticed him and he wouldn’t stand out from the crowd so to speak. So I like to think he is a reminder to embrace our differences because unique is good. I suppose he also shows that we shouldn’t judge somehow because of what/who they are. If I judged him to be a pest like other magpies generally are, I never would have gotten to know this unique individual bird that is quite different from the typical magpie. Don’t judge someone before taking the time to first get to know them. 🙂

here is a link to the photos of Harold on my facebook page. Harold the Magpie 

I am working on how to upload the video I have and I hope to upload it soon. 🙂

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