Friday Fun – Dogs

11 Oct

Hi again,

I had so much fun with last Friday’s post that I thought I would make it a weekly thing. There is never a shortage of funny images to post. 🙂 This week I thought I should post humour on either cats or dogs. The dogs won out. 🙂 But stay tuned for the cats because I have some very funny images. 🙂 I hope you enjoy these and they make you laugh as much as I did! 🙂

:) #dog only if i had my own dog and cat, this is what it would be likeI'm Just As Surprised As You Are!  At Orchard Lake Pet Resort we strive to provide the best overnight care and grooming services for our canine clients!  Call (248) 372-7000 or visit our website for more information about the services we provide!This made me laugh out loud... what a cute dog... although trouble I think G:)     Hey, Welcome Home... So my bed blew up today.  I know, weird right...?one of my spots just fell offHa. .You know it!! Dog shaming - "I took 4 sticks of butter from a grocery bag. Ate 2, smeared the 3rd into the couch. Mom is still searching for the 4th." #dogs #pets #canine #dogshaming Dog Shaming - I sneak into our neighbor's house...

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