The kindness of strangers

13 Oct

Hello again,

Today I would like to mention 2 very kind strangers who did 2 very nice things for me and I would like to share it with you. I do not know their names or who they are but I know that they are very kind. Their thoughtfulness touched me very deeply.

The first person that I crossed paths with was a lady at Sobeys this last Friday afternoon. I was buying a couple of pie pumpkins and I got in line behind her. She was chatting with the cashier and I joined in and we were all enjoying the conversation. At one point, she had spaghetti that scanned through more than the sign said so there was a price check. We both agreed that the price was really good and hoped it was on sale for that price. I would have gone back for some if it was on sale. It turned out that it was an expired sale and she got one free and the others for the price the sign said. I was like darn because it wasn’t on sale anymore. when she was done, she said Happy thanksgiving to the cashier and me and I said it to her as well and then she grabbed one of the packages of spaghetti and gave it to me. This may or may not seem like a big thing but to me, it touched me so much. For a complete stranger to be so kind and offer that to me was really wonderful and I almost started crying from her generosity.

The second person that I crossed paths with was a gentleman in Superstore today. I guess I was clearly struggling to carry the basket of groceries I was getting and he came up to me and offered me a loonie to get a cart. Of course me being me, I said no it’s ok I have loonies myself and I am ok. But he said he would stay with my stuff while I got a cart. I know I should have just said thanks and gone and got the cart but I tend to not always think before I speak. I did get the cart and I was so extremely thankful he was so kind. I struggle with carrying stuff all the time because of my back problems but no one has ever done that before. So to have him be so kind to me was really touching once again. All he asked in return was for me to pass it forward to someone else which I will definitely do. 🙂 I tried to keep my eyes open for someone who I could pass it to right away but didn’t see anyone. So I will find a way to pay it forward.

I think why it is so neat for me to have complete strangers do nice things for me is that I notice a lot how we don’t seem to even see the people around us anymore, let alone offer help. I wonder if too often we are all in our own world, rushing to get errands done and we are not seeing the people we pass by. I say “we” because I am guilty of it too. I do tend to observe how people go about and interact with others. The people I see generally pass other people but almost don’t even see them as if they are not there. There is very little eye contact it seems. Other than the occasional excuse me or sorry, there isn’t much interaction between strangers. I am not saying that is necessarily bad but it limits the opportunity to offer help to someone who can use it because we don’t see that the other person could use help. The man who helped me by offering a loonie obviously saw me and saw that I could use a hand. I may be wrong here but it is only what I observe and observations can definitely be wrong. I am guessing at the reasons people do not interact but I have a feeling that the main reason is that we have lots to do and it doesn’t even register to be aware of the people we pass by. I don’t think it is intentional that we don’t see people. There are the people who notice others and it is always neat to watch when someone sees someone they know and their eyes light up and they start talking. I have seen people I know that I try to get their attention to say hi but they do not see me. I wonder how many people we might actually notice if we were more aware of the people we pass by. There are those though who do seem to see everything going on around them and they are kind to offer help. I have to admit that I generally do not have a very positive view of strangers helping strangers because I don’t see much of it (I should also say that I do not spend a lot of time in town because of my back so my chances of seeing kindness offered to others is limited and my observations are based on what I do see). So to have two instances where a stranger helped me in the span of a few days changes my view a bit. I am very thankful for that. They may never know how much they touched and affected me but that is ok. Their generosity made me smile and reconsider my view of strangers. Maybe we can try to even just make eye contact with more people and smile. It might surprise someone and make their day. It may be the only smile they see directed to them all day.

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