My new phone-the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

25 Nov

I have been needing a new phone now for quite awhile now, as my old phone has been dying a slow horrible death and it was never a good phone to begin with. I had a Motorola Milestone and it sucked for most of the 3yr contract. But the last year has been pretty bad. I was planning to wait until January 2014 when my contract was up but there was a sale and last week my phone’s battery needed to be charged again after one hour without any use which was kind of the last proverbial straw.Both convinced me it was time to get a new phone.

Ever since I heard about the Samsung Galaxy line (and how good it is) a couple years ago, I have said that my next phone would be a Samsung. I originally saw the Note 2 and thought it was such a neat phone. I loved that it had a pen and the things you could apparently do with it. I loved the S3 as well. Then the Note 3 and GS4 were announced and came out and I was in love with both of them. lol I l will admit I love technology and I sort of fall in love with it. lol I did not love the price of the Note 3 though. 299.99!!!. I was so sad to hear it cost so much because I do not have that kind of money to spend on a phone. So I was going to get my second choice which would have been the S4 which is also a great phone. That is, until Best Buy had a sale on the Note 3. 🙂 Plus I had money with Best Buy rewards and money from trading in my old phone. All of this made it possible to get the Note 3 for a much more reasonable price that I could afford. 🙂

I will not go into too many specifics here today as this post is getting a bit long but I love the phone and couldn’t be happier. It didn’t come with a manual really so it has been fun and interesting learning how to use it. As of right now, the only possible con would be the size. But I also like the size for certain applications so I am sort of finding it a love hate thing. The battery life is excellent but I don’t have the greatest phone to compare it to. lol I decided to use it heavily for one full charge so I could get an idea how long it would possibly last with the most use. I got about 1.25 days out of it. This was almost constant use as well. I was spending most of the time trying to learn what it could do as well as installing updates and apps. I have to say, I am quite impressed! I want to spend a few more days with this phone first before giving an official sort of review though. I am just so excited about this new phone that I had to share about it. 🙂 I love the s pen and that was the biggest thing that drew me towards this phone over the S4. I like that it is a mix of a tablet and a phone so I can kind of have the best of both worlds. I am also very pleased with Samsung’s customer service. I had sent an email with a question about the phone and they replied within a few hours. 🙂

My mom bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 so I kind of got to play with it a bit too. I have to say that from what I have seen, they are incredibly similar. If you are against the size of the Note 3 but like a lot of the features, the S4 is a great alternative in my opinion. If I can play with the S4 a bit more, maybe I can share a bit about that one as well. 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog post! 🙂 Have a great week!

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