My Cat Plays Fetch… well sort of

28 Jan

Hello again,

This morning my cat did something that he does on occasion that is kind of cute. He brought his catnip snail toy to me to play. He will go off and find one of his toys (usually one of his many balls), and then carry it all the way from one end of the house (where he usually plays) to the other where I usually am, and drop it at my feet. He then sits and stares at me and meows till I stop what I am doing and throw it for him. 🙂 The thing is that it isn’t quite fetch. A dog will bring it back over and over where my cat just wants me to come join in and play by making the ball move for him to make it more fun. He wants my attention and that is how he tells me that I am apparently spending too much time with something other than him. LOL It is the most adorable thing though to me. How can I not stop and play with him? 🙂

We joke that he is part dog because he seems to have some qualities that seem to only be associated with dogs. Like the fact that he loves baths. I do not understand it. I have never met a cat that loved getting a bath or even getting wet for that matter. I have had cats all my life but I have to admit my cat now is the first indoor cat I have had. Maybe that is the difference. 😉 He also comes running to the door to great me every time I come home. This isn’t completely uncommon for cats but the jokes are that only dogs do this. Not true actually. 🙂 He has many other adorable qualities but today I am just enjoying the fact that he loves it when we play together. Even if it is only to help make his play time funner. 🙂 He also goes through a lot of effort to make it happen which is interesting to me because normally he is quite lazy.

I hope you enjoyed this short little post about my cat. Thanks for taking time to read my blog! 🙂

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