The case of the missing magazines

01 Feb

Hello again,

I haven’t been able to post for a few days due to my back getting really bad and being unable to sit up very long to write a post on here. I could write on my phone through the WordPress app but I find I almost face writer’s block if I try to do that. lol Don’t ask me why because I am not entirely sure.

Recently, I decided to start organizing everything that I own and get rid of anything I don’t need or use. One of the tasks to accomplish is organizing my magazines. For anyone who doesn’t know, I love to read. I love reading anything that feeds my desire to learn new stuff and I don’t limit myself to just books. Magazines are great too. But not those gossipy ones that don’t share anything useful. No offense but I don’t need to know or care what celebrities are apparently up to. I like magazines like National Geographic, Popular Science, or any that are along those lines with real information and facts. I also love recipe magazines that give me new ideas for food to make. 🙂

While organizing the many magazines I have, I have realized that no matter how organized I have been, there is always at least one issue (sometimes a few) missing from each subscription. I know that I received them so they have to be somewhere right? I have looked everywhere. I can’t find them. I also know that I would never throw out magazines because I just can’t seem to bring myself to do that. It feels like throwing out a book. Magazines don’t just take off and disappear on their own do they? Or are they like the missing socks that magically disappear?

This leads me to only one logical explanation. The sock elf that takes off with socks, either loves reading as well or has a friend that loves magazines. lol Somewhere deep in the walls of the house, there are 2 little elves that come out at night and steal magazines and socks. lol Or maybe there are more than 2. Each one loves taking off with particular stuff. 😉 Stuff that seems to grow legs and just walk off that not one single person has touched.

Of course as much as I wish I could blame missing stuff on little elves, I can’t. I honestly have no idea where they are though which is a bit frustrating. There are only so many places that they could be and I feel like I have searched them all. So maybe for now I have to write them off as “missing” as I do with socks that disappear. lol Although the socks usually never show up again. One other theory is that the washing machine gets hungry. 😉 That doesn’t explain the magazine issue though. Is this just a problem that I deal with or do other people have missing issues as well?

Thanks for reading my blog!

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