08 Feb

Hi again,

This week I dealt with a lot of pain from my back and as a result it was very tough to get through. Posting on here took a back burner so to speak as I tried to get through appointments and what not. Physical pain of course affects me emotionally and brings me down when it gets so bad. So I thought it would be a really good idea to make a list of the blessings in my life to remind myself of the good stuff in my life. I find that focusing on the good when things are difficult makes it easier to get through the tough stuff. I thought it might be good to share some of the list with you as well. 🙂 I thought it might inspire others to make a list. Some of the things that I list may not seem that big, but for me, I find it important to list everything I can think of and focus on it as well as I can…. especially when I am in a lot of pain.

My family. My parents have been amazing to take care of me after each surgery and let me live with them while I can’t manage to live on my own due to physical limitations. My family helps me out when I need it which has been often so I really appreciate all they have done for me.

Friends – those who have stuck by me through the really tough stuff. These people have been there for me through so much. They listen to me when I need someone to vent to and offer encouragment which is huge. 🙂

My Cat. He has been a constant companion for me through out the past several years since I got him as a kitten. He has a knack for knowing when I really need company and curling up with me. When I cry, he will come and lay with me and purr- almost like he is trying to reassure me that it is ok. He also seems to love to make me laugh and can be quite funny. 🙂 My parents got him for me just after my first surgery so he is very special to me.

Painkillers – as much as I hate taking pills, I would not be able to handle the level of pain I would experience without them.

Books. I adore books. I love learning and books feed that need to learn new things. I also love fiction because it takes me to fascinating places and on journeys I can’t experience otherwise (i.e- Hogwarts). 🙂 It also provides me with something else to focus on which helps me deal with the pain I am in.

Music. Life without music would be awful. I love to listen to music and really focus on the lyrics. Sometimes I prefer meaningful songs that speak to me and other times I love listening to upbeat stuff that lifts my mood. This week I really focused on songs that I feel give me strength to keep pushing through each day.

My Car. Having a way to get places when I need to is very important since I live in the country. It is fuel-efficient which is a big bonus. I can get close to 400km per tank of gas. The seats are also comfortable which helps when you have a lot of back pain.

Pinterest. I admit I am a bit of a pinterest addict. lol I love searching through the recipes. Some day I will have a better back hopefully that I can make them. lol I also love searching through other categories as well. Like the quotes, humor, the adorable animal photos, gardening stuff etc. But I try to limit it to places like waiting in doctor’s offices, during commercials while watching tv, or when I am sitting waiting for other stuff and I don’t have a book with me. But possibly the best and most useful part of Pinterest is scrolling through the humour to make me smile when I desperately need a smile 🙂

My Phone. I love my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 🙂 I can look through pinterest, read a book, go on twitter or facebook, play Sudoku, set alarms for stuff I otherwise forget about (like taking medication), make notes, and all kinds of other stuff no matter where I am. I do not need to be sitting up at a computer to do that. I remember that it wasn’t that long ago that phones did not do that kind of stuff. My first surgery and recovery kind of sucked because I couldn’t sit at my computer so I couldn’t interact much with people or read a book because books were too heavy to hold up. I appreciate having it very much. It makes my time stuck flat on my back much more productive and fun. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed hearing about the list of things I posted about here. This isn’t the entire list I made but some of them. I am happy to say that this post would be too long if I listed everything and shared why it is important to put on my list. 🙂 thanks for taking time to read my post and blog!



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