Starting seeds – yay!

16 Mar

Hello again,

This weekend I planted the first batch of seeds that need to be started 8-10 weeks before the last frost. The average last frost date for Red Deer is the end of May according to Veseys. I decided to calculate backwards frorm May 25. I have a greenhouse that I can move plants out to usually in mid April or so which is why I am starting them at 10 weeks back instead of 8. In the greenhouse they can be transplanted into bigger pots and be that much bigger and happier when I can put them outside. Who doesn’t want bigger and happier plants? 🙂

I wasn’t so sure about starting seeds this year because everything is kind of up in the air with what is happening with my back. I do not know what shape I will be in by the end of May or any other part of the summer for that matter. I still remember 2012 and how I started seeds and had no idea I would need emergency surgery in May of that year. Which also reminded me that I can not predict what will happen so I can not put my life on hold just in case something might happen. That would be silly. Life is so unpredictable but it can not keep us from living.

I also wondered if it is a good idea to start seeds given how I am doing currently. To be honest, it was difficult to even plant the seeds because my back has been pretty bad lately. But growing flowers brings me joy. It becomes the thing that gets me up in the morning no matter what shape my back is in. It gives me a reason to go outside and keep going. Growing flowers is rewarding and I love to sit and enjoy them over the summer and know that I helped them to grow. So despite how my back is doing, I planted the seeds. It is very exciting for me and excitement is never a bad thing. 🙂 It gives me something positive to look forward to and enjoy. So how can I not plant seeds?

I planted 2 perennials and 4 annuals. The perennials are Delphinium and Columbine. Two perennials that I really love. 🙂 The annuals are Dusty Miller, Snap Dragon, Pansy, and Spider Flower. I have never grown Spider Flower before so it will be neat to see what it does. 🙂 I love Dusty Miller because of the silver colour that adds so much to flower beds between the flowers. It really stands out which I really love. Also, I discovered by accident that it sometimes grows back the following year. As you may know, I had surgery in 2012 which caused me to not get a lot done during the summer and fall. That led to me not pulling up annuals that I normally do in the fall which led to the Dusty Millers staying in the ground till spring the following year. Last spring, when I went to pull them finally, I noticed some of them were growing again. 🙂 Apparently it can happen because they are perennials in warmer climates. So this last fall, I left the Dusty Millers in the ground to see if I can get similar results this year. 🙂 I don’t think I need to say anything about Snap Dragons or Pansies do I? Is there anyone who does not love these very cheerful pretty flowers? 🙂

The next seeds do not have to be started till the end of March which will be the Tomatoes. People ask me why I start my own seeds when I can just buy them in the store. I did buy tomato plants from a store once and they ended up being infected with some sort of disease that caused the plant to not grow right. So I grow my own seeds. I know that there is very little chance of them being infected with anything because I control the environment as much as I can. 🙂 Of course there is always a chance of something happening but it is a lot less likely. So I grow them myself. 🙂 Plus I love planting things. 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog!

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