I’m Turning Blue

22 Mar

Hi again,

I am literally turning blue. But not to worry- it is not from any kind of medical condition even though it looks like it is. lol It’s from my jeans. Yep. I just bought new jeans and they are totally turning my legs and feet blue. lol

It started out that I needed new jeans because my old ones that I wear around the house were getting holes in them and a bit ragged. Finding jeans is tough for me because for some reason the proportions are never quite right. If I get them long enough for my legs, they are too wide for my waist. Anyways, I finally found some online at Old Navy that are for tall people and they were on sale to boot. YAY! or maybe not. They are the really dark blue which I thought would be great for around the house because dirt may hide better on them. They had a tag on them that states the dye may come off on stuff. Yet, I thought how much could it really let off so I wasn’t too concerned about it. Not a good idea. It turns out these jeans do let off colour. A LOT of colour. The first time I noticed it, I had looked down at my bare feet and thought they looked a little strange. I didn’t have to look very close to see they were quite blue. I looked at my legs by lifting the pant leg and yep they were blue too. Thankfully I knew the cause and wasn’t alarmed. lol When I put on my white slipper socks, it made it even more noticeable. I joked to my mom that I am turning into a smurf! 😉 Who doesn’t want to be blue like a smurf?! lol It wasn’t a little bit of blue either. This was a LOT of blue. It happened in a period of a couple of days. I had to go in to town the next day so I thought I better scrub it off. Of course me being me, I just had to forget that the dye would come off of me but permanently dye the cloth. I happened to choose a pink cloth which is now a permanent shade of purplish blue. lol No worries-it is an old cloth and now a pretty shade of purple as well. 🙂 I washed the jeans but I think it will take a few washes before they stop colouring my skin. In the mean time, I better keep washing it off so that I don’t alarm anyone. Thankfully it isn’t summer where I might wear capris the next day. lol It ends up on my hands too. lol My comforter on my bed is also slightly blue from where I lay down during the day. Thankfully it hasn’t really damaged anything but it sure is surprising how much dye comes out of them still. I did get a warning label so I can’t blame anyone but myself. Although I had no idea that much dye could come out of jeans.

What have I learned from all of this? Well definitely wash clothing first that has warning labels about dye coming off. Maybe wash it like 10 times first. Also if I want blue socks, I can put my white socks in with the jeans and have pretty blue socks. 😉 I will be careful where I sit for now as well. I don’t think I will buy dark blue jeans again. I now know another way to make pink wash cloths purple. 😛 My advice to other people is to beware of jeans with a lot of dye in them. I would hate to think what could have happened if I had been sitting on the couch during those couple of days before washing my jeans.

I do hope you were able to laugh along with me as I have found humour in this experience of mine. 🙂 It is very important to be able to laugh at our mistakes. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the humor of course but I am learning that being able to look back on things and laugh at them is very helpful and makes me feel less awful about doing stuff that isn’t so smart. In my defense, I have never bought clothing like this that lets off colour like this. Thanks for reading my blog!

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