An update of sorts

02 Apr

Hello again,

The past week or so has been quite busy which is why I haven’t been on here as much as I would have liked to be. RIght now I will just talk about a small part of what made my past week so busy. Last Monday I received a call from my specialist’s office that my specialist had seen the results from the bone scan (that I had a few weeks ago) and wanted to see me. Apparently he saw something and wanted to talk about giving me injections. This was good news to me despite hearing that he found something that should be treated. I can hopefully finally have some relief again. The past few months have been very difficult with the increased amount of pain I have dealt with. I managed to get in this Monday because of a cancellation which is great because otherwise it can take a while to get in to see him. So on Monday I had my appointment with my specialist to talk about the bone scan. As you can imagine, I spent most of yesterday trying to recover which is why I am writing about this today.

I would like to talk a bit more about the bone scan results and the trip to see my specialist. It’s about a 1.5 hour drive to go see my specialist and I am so thankful for painkillers because seeing him turns into an all day affair. I hate taking painkillers unless it is necessary and when it is, they are a life saver. As far as I understand from what my specialist said, there is bone that is irritated somehow but he doesn’t know what is causing it. I need to get injections. He mentioned about getting injections and then said if the injections don’t work, I may need more surgery. I don’t think I reacted at the time to him saying that because I don’t think it really registered. I was busy trying to remember everything I had wanted to ask him so I heard what he said but it didn’t really sink in. Afterwards when I had time to think about it, I was happy that I could get relief with the injections and almost cried thinking about the possibility of more surgery. I realize that the injections do not fix anything but right now I don’t care. If the pain goes down and I can have more of a life again, that is all I want/need right now. I know it’s been 2 years since my last surgery and I joke that I am due for another one but I don’t want any more. It isn’t just the time in the hospital that is tough but the recovery afterwards. It takes months to get back to a point where I feel somewhat normal again. I know that if surgery will fix the problem, it is much better than just covering the pain and I would do the surgery if I had to, but only if I have assurance it will fix it. So I am really hoping for the injections to work. At least for now. I keep telling myself that maybe what ever is causing the pain will fix itself and I won’t need more than a few injections. It could happen right? 🙂 Think positive right? As far as the injections, I have to wait to get in to see him again at the hospital where he can do the injections. I am hoping it doesn’t take too long and I can get in during the month of April.

Now that there seems to be a possible end to the pain I have been in lately, everything feels much more positive. It makes it easier to deal with the pain I am in because it will get better. I keep thinking about the things I will be able to do when I get the pain under control again. I will have more of a life again. Just in time for summer too! 🙂 I really hope it works out. Thanks for reading my blog and sort of joining me on this journey called life. 🙂


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