First Flowers of Spring have opened :)

25 Apr

Hello again,

The other day, our crocuses finally started to open their cute little flowers. I am pretty sure that there are few, if any, flowers that open before the crocus here in Alberta. This is the first year that we have had crocuses so it has been quite a delight. I am not sure why it has taken us so long to get them since they are wonderful flowers to have. But the great thing is that we have them now and the crocuses were one of very few flowers not touched by the voles over the winter! 🙂 I have a feeling it is because they accidentally planted deeper than they were supposed to be. Otherwise they might have been another casuality to the darn voles. The voles definitely seem to have been digging in the dirt above the bulbs over the winter but only a few inches which isn’t deep enough to reach any of the bulbs thankfully. Plus most of our bulbs are daffodils which are planted quite deep so they are definitely out of reach of most critters I think. Although we did learn the other day that once Crocuses are growing that there are a lot of critters that enjoy munching on them. The first one to open got eaten within a span of 24hrs. We might have to protect them from that happening again. The crocuses that have opened so far are a cheery yellow and a wonderful start to spring. Now if it could just stop snowing on the poor flowers it would be great! lol I would like to share a few photos I took of them below.

I would also like to mention that I got these lovely bulbs from Veseys which is a great company that has wonderful customer service. 🙂 I love to give a review sort of for businesses that go above and beyond to help their customers to help people know which are good to deal with. 🙂 Veseys definitely does that. If you have any problems or questions regarding your plants from them, they are incredible with helping you. I had questions about planting the bulbs last fall and they got right back to me and helped me out. I love dealing with them because I also know I can trust I will get great quality flowers every time. If you are looking for a good mail order company, I would suggest checking out Veseys. They are Canadian as well. 🙂 I do not get paid to share this. This is completely my own opinion. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the photos I have posted below. 🙂

crocus crocus2 crocus3 crocus5

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