Gratitude Challenge day 3

03 Aug

Hi again,

Today is day 3 of 5 of the Gratitude Challenge from facebook. Here is what I shared on facebook.

Gratitude Challenge Day 3
I accept the gratitude challenge from ——– to post three things each day for the next five days that I’m thankful for and will challenge two other people each of the five days.
1. my zero gravity chair that allows me to spend time outside because I can recline which helps my back
2. BOOKS!!! Life would suck so much if we didn’t have books. I can’t imagine life without books.
3. my dslr camera that is my baby and helps me to capture the beauty that surrounds me and share it with others.
If I could have added one I have already technically added, it would be thunderstorms. I am enjoying the gentle rumbling thunderstorm we have been having for the past few hours. I love to sit outside during one of these as it is far enough away that there is no danger to me and I can enjoy it better outside. 🙂
Thanks for reading my blog!!
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