Gratitude Challenge Extended – Week 1

08 Aug

Hello again,

This week I have been trying to decide how to extend the gratitude challenge that I could continue sharing what I am thankful for. I have also been thinking about how I have wanted to start something again since it has been so long since I did a challenge of my own where I was sharing what I was thankful for each day for one year. Doing it publicly helped me to be accountable and keep going, even when I didn’t really feel up to it. Some days can be really tough and it is hard to come up with something new to share. I had made the choice to think of something new each day so that I would end with 365 different blessings. I have to admit that it was a bit of a challenge near the end. But what I discovered is that I got in to the habit of always being on the lookout for the good in my life. That is definitely a good habit to get in to. I have thought about it and how sometimes it didn’t feel very meaningful because I was just trying to find something to share that I hadn’t already shared. It was always something that was good in my life and I was thankful for but sometimes it just didn’t feel really meaningful. So I have tried to think of a new way to do it that it can be more meaningful. I think I have now come up with something that I hope will be helpful to me and can inspire others maybe as well. I will share it on my blog of course in an effort to help me keep up with it. I am a lot more likely to keep at it if it is visible to others whether I have or have not done it.

So what have I come up with? I think that I want to just post weekly this time so that there are not a lot of posts for people to read through who are interested in reading what I post. I chose Friday to be the day that I post. It seems like a good day to reflect back on the week. I am thinking I will set a goal that I post a minimum of 5 things from the week and I need to try not to repeat myself. I am saying “try” because I want to keep the option open to repeat something if it was very meaningful again in another week. I also want to keep the option open so that I may post something that is similar to something I posted an earlier week but not quite the same. This is something I avoided doing the last time which became difficult too. I don’t want to post just simple things that have little meaning. I may choose to write that I am thankful for a sunrise though if it really impacts me that particular time. If it doesn’t really cause me to feel a sense of gratitude, then it isn’t something I want to post. With the previous project I did, some days I would post something because it was good in my life but it wasn’t something that filled me with a huge sense of gratitude. Those were days that were tough though and it would be all I could come up with. I also say a minimum of 5 because I want to have the freedom to share more if I experienced more blessings that week that I want to mention. I want to list specific things and not just something general as well. I don’t know if this will work but I hope it will. I also want to set a goal of one year. I hope you will join me in this journey. 🙂

Week 1

1. A wonderful picnic with a friend of mine on Thursday. We had a good time, great weather and a good conversation. My back held up well too. 🙂

2. Thunderstorms. We have had a lot this week and I do enjoy them. I always hope for storms without hail though. Still amazed at the thunderstorm on Sunday that continued to rumble for 9 hours!! I sat outside to listen to it because it wasn’t raining most of the time and I love listening to it outside if it is safe to do so. It sounds so much better while sitting outside than inside where it can sound muffled.

3. Our fruit trees and garden were spared somehow despite that nasty hail storm we had. I am still amazed at that and very thankful. The worst of the hail missed us and if you go even a couple of km away from us, there is a lot of damage. Not a single hole in any of our plants leaves though. Which is nuts because the hail was coming down hard here too for a bit. I would think there should have been more damage. The poplar trees and willows lost leaves and branches but not the fruit trees. The fruit trees had no damage that I can see.

4. That I am seeing a chiropractor who was able to take care of my sinus headache. I get crazy bad sinus headaches that turn into sinus infections. I mentioned my sinus pain to him and he pushed on areas of my face and it got so much better. 🙂 He seemed to know exactly where the worst pain was. I can still be a bit skeptical of chiropractors but this caused me to reconsider what I think of chiropractors.

5. The letter I received in the mail today that informed me when my appointment with my specialist will be. I will be able to get in to see him in the beginning of September which is much better than the end of September. I knew my appointment would be sometime in Sept. but wasn’t sure when during that month. Until today. 🙂 I hope to get answers to at least some of the many questions that I have.

I will keep this to 5 things today since I wrote so much ahead of it explaining stuff. I don’t want to keep anyone too long. Thank you for taking the time to read my post! 🙂


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