Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 2

15 Aug

Hello again,

I can not believe a week has already passed by! Crazy how time can fly sometimes and seem to stand still other times. 🙂 Today I am sharing 5 more blessings in my life from this past week.

1. Supermoons and Meteor Showers. 🙂 I decided to just lump these together since they sort of happened together. First the supermoon this week was amazing to see. 🙂 I saw it and I was compelled to take a photo the one night. It was so beautiful. I sort of missed the meteors because of clouds on its peak night but I love them still. My older sister and I used to go outside and watch them and I enjoy reminiscing about that. 🙂

2. Summer heat. This year has been fantastic for heat which we haven’t felt in a few years if my memory is correct. I realize we have only maybe hit +30 a couple of times this year but it has been close so many times. We have a lot of humidity this year and if you factor in the humidex, we have gone beyond 30 a lot this year. I can not get enough of it. We live where we have snow for 6 months of the year, so we spend 6 months shivering and it makes the summer heat that much more enjoyable. Even if I am uncomfortable, I love it because it is better than being cold. 🙂

3. My eye glasses. It may seem like something small to mention but this week I had my glasses off for a few minutes and realized how little of my surroundings I could see clearly and enjoy without them. I would be unable to read or drive without them as well. I wouldn’t be able to see the flowers clearly either which is something I really enjoy taking time to look at.

4. My car. I have been extremely privileged to have my own vehicle to drive. It offers me independence to go where I need to go when I need to. I often think about how lucky I am to have it. It maybe isn’t the car itself that I am thankful for but what it provides for me. It isn’t a fancy car but a reliable car that gets me where I have to go. 🙂

5. My book collection. I basically have my own mini library of books I have bought over the years. I think I own close to 300 books. Between my mom and I, we own over 600. I have books that I love to reread sometimes and other books I haven’t read yet. I love being able to go to my book shelves and have a huge selection to choose from. I have been blessed to be able to collect so many books. Then there are my kindle books which I apparently have about 1000. Probably at least 95% were free. Amazon puts good books on for free for like a day or more. I stopped looking at the list of books that were on special though because I will likely never get to all the ebooks I have already acquired. lol This week I am reading through Ted Dekker books which are always amazing. 🙂

So that is my list for this week. I hope you enjoyed reading through it. Stay tuned for my Week 3 list next Friday! 🙂

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