Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 4

29 Aug

Hello again,

Today I am thankful that I chose to continue on with the challenge like this because my week has been nasty and doing this helped me get through. With this challenge, I am even more careful to keep my eyes open for the good that happens so that I can share about it at the end of the week for my weekly post. Doing this keeps me more focused on the positive which helps me get through the negative stuff easier. I won’t get in to specifics but this week I felt like it was one thing after another and I admit it was tough to get through. But the wonderful thing is that no matter how bad things get, there is always something positive to hold on to. So that is what I did when it felt like everything was falling apart and I was struggling with stuff. I hope now that the worst of it is over. 🙂 I am just getting to this now because I have been sick today but I didn’t want to miss posting on Friday so I am here. 🙂 Here are the 5 things I am grateful for this week:

1. Our Apple trees surviving the vole damage and producing fruit despite “professionals” saying that would be impossible. I have been harvesting the apples for the past week (since last Friday) and cooking them in to pie filling to freeze and use in desserts over the next year. We love the pie filling that we make with the apples and it would be missed terribly if we didn’t have it this year. I am surprised and grateful at how many apples we have as well. 🙂

2. That it hasn’t frozen yet. Last Friday we had our first close call with frost and we have had a few more nights with a risk of frost since then. But it hasn’t frozen yet and for that I am so incredibly grateful. It means that we don’t lose the apples, cherries or strawberries that we have yet to pick. The frost will not stay away forever but for now it has and I am so grateful. It has been a good reminder as well to get things picked because it possibly won’t be long now before it really does freeze.

3. Apple Pie. I have made 2 pies now since last Friday and there is something so wonderful about apple pie made from fresh picked apples from your own apple trees. Plus apple pie tastes so good! 🙂

4. Rain. This week we had a rainy day and I was asked by someone if I prefer sunshine or the rain. I said I love the sun but truth be told, I also love the rain. It waters all the plants and trees outside, it washes my car for free 🙂 , and it gives me an opportunity to get things done inside that get left till I get an inside day which is a rainy day. 🙂

5. Hair Cuts. I got another hair cut yesterday. I am thankful for it because right now short hair equals less time spent on my hair. That means less pain for me when it hurts to do something like raise my arm to comb it because it is short enough that I basically don’t need to. 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate it! 🙂


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