Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 5

05 Sep

Hello again,

I think I really need to set reminder alarms to do these posts because I tend to forget. This week I suppose I can blame it on being sick and my mind being extremely foggy. I almost completely forgot to do this today but I guess I am barely getting it done still on Friday. 🙂 Here are the 5 things I am very grateful for this week.

1. Thunder storms with no hail. We had another thunderstorm this past Friday night and I enjoyed it even more because it could very well be the last one of the season. It is getting to that time of the year where thunderstorms are getting less and less likely. It was also very nice to not have any hail.

2. Fresh zucchini. We finally got some zucchini this week. I planted it quite late so it is ready very late. I almost wasn’t sure if we would get any but we did and it is very good. 🙂 I adore fresh zucchini from the garden and we haven’t grown any for a few years so it is that much better this year to have some. 🙂

3. Kleenex. Having a bad cold this week has reminded me how wonderful it is to have nice soft tissues to use. 🙂 Not necessarily Kleenex brand but soft tissues of any brand. But the brand right now is Kleenex brand because it was the stuff on sale cheap at some point. lol

4. In Floor heating. Yes I caved and turned on the in floor heat at one point this past week. It was so chilly and just got too cold. Warm floors are so wonderful to walk on. 🙂

5. a Bountiful crop of apples. This year we had a ton of apples on our crab apple tree. It took a lot to pick and I even fell out of the tree at one point trying to pick the apples but it was worth it. 🙂 We have probably around 60 cups of apple pie filling now and who knows how many cups of applesauce and we even gave apples away as well. I was happy to see some of the apples go to other people so I didn’t have to deal with them all. lol

Thanks for reading my blog!


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