Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 8

26 Sep

Hello again,

This week the weather surprised us with more heat and now it is getting back to more seasonal temperatures. It was really nice to have another small blast of heat at the beginning of the week. We also saw the first day of fall arrive this week which always leaves me with mixed emotions because I love to see fall arrive but I am always sad to see summer end. There is something so beautiful and wonderful about fall (as there is with each season) and maybe a bit magical with all the leaves on the trees turning such gorgeous colours. 🙂

Here are the 5 blessings I am very thankful for this week. 🙂

1. New baby fish. This week I was very excited to see new baby fish in my tank. 🙂 I have guppies which tend to have babies every so often. It is always fun watching them grow and change colour. 🙂 I also have one danio who has outlived every single fish I have had over the past few years. I think I have had fish for around 4 yrs now. I am starting to call him the energizer bunny fish. 🙂

2. Beautiful fall colours. I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the leaves earlier this week when the sky was really blue and a great background for the gold and red leaves. 🙂

3. Summer heat in September. As I mentioned earlier, this week we had a short blast of heat and it is so nice to get that in September. It makes it feel like summer is still here. 🙂 Plus you get the best of both worlds – summer heat and fall colour!

4. Zinio. I love books but I also love magazines that I can learn something from. I love Zinio because the magazines are all digital and I don’t have to find a place for them all. 🙂 I don’t think I will ever go back to subscribing to physical magazines because they take up so much room and tend to get lost when someone takes off with them. lol I love magazines like Popular Photography, Popular Science, Discover (a new favorite 🙂 ), gardening magazines, National Geographic, Cooking magazines, etc. I also love that I can get access to them with my library membership and I don’t have to pay for each one myself. 🙂

5. Sermons available in podcast form. I love being able to hear sermons from where ever and who ever I choose to. I currently love to catch them from Mosaic church in Los Angeles and Gateway Church in Austin Tx. The internet is an amazing thing. I don’t have to physically be somewhere to hear the sermons and I can watch them in my own home or on my mp3 player.

Thank you for taking time to read my post! I really appreciate it!

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