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Grey Hairs

Hi again,

Today I want to discuss a topic that has been on my mind lately. Grey hair… or hairs I suppose. I have grey hair already. Not a full head of grey hair but a fairly substantial amount is turning grey. It started after my first back surgery back in 2007. Apparently the stress that my body was under started turning my hair prematurely grey. I don’t know if that is correct or not but it makes sense. I recently saw an episode of Dr. Quinn where someone tried dying their grey hair and which caused me to think about grey hair a bit more. I also saw someone today that has let her hair go grey this year and I thought she looked great which got me thinking even more about it. My thoughts are about whether it is a bad thing to have grey hair visible? At my age?

I was only 24 when I started getting grey hair if I am doing correct math. I don’t care if you know my age. I am not someone who is ashamed of my age or needs to keep it secret. At least not yet. 😉 At the time, I was shocked and horrified that I was getting grey hair. I mean I hadn’t even reached my quarter life crisis yet! Apparently that is a real thing now and supposedly I went through it too. lol Thankfully because of my natural hair colour, it isn’t obvious that I have grey hairs unless you look closely. I slowly got used to it and accepted it. Sort of. I discovered hair colour which has been quite fun so I suppose I haven’t entirely accepted it if I am covering it up. Recently however, I had let my natural colour grow out mainly because I haven’t had a chance to colour it. I didn’t really care that my grey hair was visible and I enjoyed not having to worry about the roots being a different colour. Anyways, someone in my family (that will remain nameless) noticed how much grey hair I have now and they have been bugging me to colour my hair again. Maybe they just miss my hair being a different colour though. I got tired of them saying I should colour my hair so I did. I went really drastic. I thought that should satisfy them. It did. I am not doing it to please anyone, I just got tired of listening to the suggestions and it is fun for me to go different colours. For about a week though, I got a bit of a shock each time I looked in the mirror. lol

I have to admit I actually don’t know the normal age to start getting grey hair. I don’t know when women start colouring their hair out of necessity rather than for fun. I am bombarded with messages in the media that I am supposed to colour my hair to cover the grey hair. But why? Why is it so important to hide grey hair? I am not against colouring hair. I find it fun and I do it myself. But why are we colouring our hair to cover up the grey hair? I need to say here that I don’t think it is wrong to cover grey hair if you want to. I am not saying people shouldn’t. Feel free to do what you want to do. I won’t judge. I am just wondering why we want to cover the grey hair. I am curious. Is it the pressure to do it? Because I know there is a lot of pressure to do it and to look a certain way (don’t get me started on the whole thigh gap thing and all the other things the media bombards girls with about how we should look). Are we ashamed of looking older? Do we think grey hair looks bad? Do we even know the reason we do things sometimes? Is it one of those things that you just do because everyone else does it? Is it something we do for ourselves so we feel better about ourselves? I know I do it because I get bored with the same colour and I make subtle changes every time. But in some ways I feel I should be covering the grey hair as well. So if anyone reads this and has thoughts or opinions to share, I would love to hear them. 🙂 Thanks as well for reading my blog. 🙂

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I’m Turning Blue

Hi again,

I am literally turning blue. But not to worry- it is not from any kind of medical condition even though it looks like it is. lol It’s from my jeans. Yep. I just bought new jeans and they are totally turning my legs and feet blue. lol

It started out that I needed new jeans because my old ones that I wear around the house were getting holes in them and a bit ragged. Finding jeans is tough for me because for some reason the proportions are never quite right. If I get them long enough for my legs, they are too wide for my waist. Anyways, I finally found some online at Old Navy that are for tall people and they were on sale to boot. YAY! or maybe not. They are the really dark blue which I thought would be great for around the house because dirt may hide better on them. They had a tag on them that states the dye may come off on stuff. Yet, I thought how much could it really let off so I wasn’t too concerned about it. Not a good idea. It turns out these jeans do let off colour. A LOT of colour. The first time I noticed it, I had looked down at my bare feet and thought they looked a little strange. I didn’t have to look very close to see they were quite blue. I looked at my legs by lifting the pant leg and yep they were blue too. Thankfully I knew the cause and wasn’t alarmed. lol When I put on my white slipper socks, it made it even more noticeable. I joked to my mom that I am turning into a smurf! 😉 Who doesn’t want to be blue like a smurf?! lol It wasn’t a little bit of blue either. This was a LOT of blue. It happened in a period of a couple of days. I had to go in to town the next day so I thought I better scrub it off. Of course me being me, I just had to forget that the dye would come off of me but permanently dye the cloth. I happened to choose a pink cloth which is now a permanent shade of purplish blue. lol No worries-it is an old cloth and now a pretty shade of purple as well. 🙂 I washed the jeans but I think it will take a few washes before they stop colouring my skin. In the mean time, I better keep washing it off so that I don’t alarm anyone. Thankfully it isn’t summer where I might wear capris the next day. lol It ends up on my hands too. lol My comforter on my bed is also slightly blue from where I lay down during the day. Thankfully it hasn’t really damaged anything but it sure is surprising how much dye comes out of them still. I did get a warning label so I can’t blame anyone but myself. Although I had no idea that much dye could come out of jeans.

What have I learned from all of this? Well definitely wash clothing first that has warning labels about dye coming off. Maybe wash it like 10 times first. Also if I want blue socks, I can put my white socks in with the jeans and have pretty blue socks. 😉 I will be careful where I sit for now as well. I don’t think I will buy dark blue jeans again. I now know another way to make pink wash cloths purple. 😛 My advice to other people is to beware of jeans with a lot of dye in them. I would hate to think what could have happened if I had been sitting on the couch during those couple of days before washing my jeans.

I do hope you were able to laugh along with me as I have found humour in this experience of mine. 🙂 It is very important to be able to laugh at our mistakes. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the humor of course but I am learning that being able to look back on things and laugh at them is very helpful and makes me feel less awful about doing stuff that isn’t so smart. In my defense, I have never bought clothing like this that lets off colour like this. Thanks for reading my blog!

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The case of the missing magazines

Hello again,

I haven’t been able to post for a few days due to my back getting really bad and being unable to sit up very long to write a post on here. I could write on my phone through the WordPress app but I find I almost face writer’s block if I try to do that. lol Don’t ask me why because I am not entirely sure.

Recently, I decided to start organizing everything that I own and get rid of anything I don’t need or use. One of the tasks to accomplish is organizing my magazines. For anyone who doesn’t know, I love to read. I love reading anything that feeds my desire to learn new stuff and I don’t limit myself to just books. Magazines are great too. But not those gossipy ones that don’t share anything useful. No offense but I don’t need to know or care what celebrities are apparently up to. I like magazines like National Geographic, Popular Science, or any that are along those lines with real information and facts. I also love recipe magazines that give me new ideas for food to make. 🙂

While organizing the many magazines I have, I have realized that no matter how organized I have been, there is always at least one issue (sometimes a few) missing from each subscription. I know that I received them so they have to be somewhere right? I have looked everywhere. I can’t find them. I also know that I would never throw out magazines because I just can’t seem to bring myself to do that. It feels like throwing out a book. Magazines don’t just take off and disappear on their own do they? Or are they like the missing socks that magically disappear?

This leads me to only one logical explanation. The sock elf that takes off with socks, either loves reading as well or has a friend that loves magazines. lol Somewhere deep in the walls of the house, there are 2 little elves that come out at night and steal magazines and socks. lol Or maybe there are more than 2. Each one loves taking off with particular stuff. 😉 Stuff that seems to grow legs and just walk off that not one single person has touched.

Of course as much as I wish I could blame missing stuff on little elves, I can’t. I honestly have no idea where they are though which is a bit frustrating. There are only so many places that they could be and I feel like I have searched them all. So maybe for now I have to write them off as “missing” as I do with socks that disappear. lol Although the socks usually never show up again. One other theory is that the washing machine gets hungry. 😉 That doesn’t explain the magazine issue though. Is this just a problem that I deal with or do other people have missing issues as well?

Thanks for reading my blog!

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Birthday Benefits updated

Hello again,

Last year I posted about birthday benefits and I wanted to add to it and update it because I have discovered more freebies. 🙂 If you would like to see my earlier post you can click here for the link- birthday benefits. Unless otherwise stated, it is free to sign up for these birthday freebies. 🙂 I think any of the offers I have posted below are all free to sign up. Some you have to spend some money first to get the free item. Also different freebies are available for different amounts of time so be aware of that. Some are only available on the day of your birthday and some are available for 1-2 weeks surrounding your birthday. Some also offer incentives to sign up like Quiznos. 🙂 So it is definitely worth checking into!

Montanas apparently offers a free dessert on your birthday. As far as I know, you do not need to sign up for this and you just need to tell them it is your birthday. But I have to still confirm this.

Quiznos – you get something in your email when you are part of Q-Club. It is a free cookie when you buy a sandwich. Also when you sign up for the Q-club, they send you a combo upgrade for signing up. 🙂

Booster Juice- offers something free when you join Booster Nation but I am not entirely sure what it is yet. I can update when I receive the coupon in my email. 🙂

Orange Julius – offers a free smoothie or drink for your birthday when you join the Julius League. When you sign up for the Julius league, you are offered a BOGO coupon for a drink as well. 🙂 It is good for 15 days before it “self destructs” lol

Menchies – I have not yet been to Menchies although I keep intending to go. lol They apparently offer free frozen yogurt up to 5.00 for your birthday. I believe you have to sign up for their Smilage program though which you do in store.

Swagbucks – 50 free swag bucks on your birthday. I am not sure though if this is automatic. I love swagbucks as I have got a lot of amazon money through them. 🙂

Marble Slab – a free cone with one mix in on your birthday. 🙂 You do have to sign up for this one though. click here to sign up. I have gotten this for a couple years now and it is yummy although it is better if the weather is nice. For my birthday that can be a challenge as it is at the end of march when it can still quite easily be snowing. lol

Rickis – when you join Fashion + friends (free to join), you get special offers and a birthday offer sent to your email. I am not sure what it is though. I will be able to update after I receive it. 🙂 Join Fashion + friends

Milestones – this one isn’t available for me because I don’t live near the 2 locations in Alberta but if you have one where you live, it is another one to consider. When you buy 3 entrees, you get the fourth one free. You need to sign up for this one which is free to join. click here to join.

The Comic Strip- if you live in Edmonton and sign up, you get a free ticket on your birthday. This would be kind of neat if you live in or around Edmonton. Click here to sign up.

The Sawmill – (Edmonton Alberta) – I have copied and pasted the info below.


We wish to make your birthday the ultimate celebration!  By making a reservation for 4 or more people and joining us one week before or one week after the special guest’s birth date you will receive $25.00 off your guest cheque for dinner or $15.00 off during lunch.  4 or more regular priced entrees must be purchased.  Discount is applied through your Sawmill Loyalty Card therefore please include your birth date when registering your profile.

full details of the loyalty program here – Loyalty Club

That is the list so far! I have seen that Pizza Hut and IHop offer stuff too but I haven’t been able to confirm yet if they do and what it is. There are likely a ton more offers that I haven’t found yet as well but this is what I know of currently. I will update if I find more. You can also search yourself and let me know if you know of any I have missed. thanks for reading my blog! I hope you get to enjoy the benefits of your birthday!

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A new project

Hello again,

Recently I found out that it is becoming popular to make furniture out of pallets and when I looked it up, I saw so many beautiful projects that I felt I had to try it myself. Pallets come a dime a dozen, especially if you have a father that works in the construction industry. After they have been used, they are seen as useless and given away to anyone who will take them. Usually we cut them up for firewood and I had no idea that they would be useful for anything else…. until I saw what people have done with them. I found out that some of the pallets are actually made of oak which is a beautiful hardwood and generally pricey to buy.

I decided to approach my dad about getting a pallet to make into something and his first reaction was why and (I have suspicions) he thought I had lost my marbles. lol So I decided to show him photos of what people have done with them and his next question was how many did I want. lol I asked for 1 to start. We went outside to his stack of pallets and chose one that looked the best. Immediately I saw the potential of the pallet that had been so easily discarded. My level of excitement grew as we grabbed the belt sander to see what was beneath the ugly dirty exterior and discovered this beautiful oak. As you may know, oak is wonderful wood that stains really nice bringing out all the grains in the wood. My dad was so surprised by the quality of wood that he is interested in joining me with this new project. Although I doubt he will have much time to help as he is very busy. I found out that I can only manage about 10-15 minutes of sanding before my back is in a lot of pain so it is a slow process but a rewarding one. As for what I am building, I am leaning towards a coffee table but I will decide as I go. It is a creative process for me and I am open to where ever it leads.

With the discovery, I can’t help but see the similarities between the wood and people. I think about all the times where people are judged by their appearance and looked upon as not very useful or that they have very little value with nothing to contribute to society. Yet if you take the time to go a little deeper beyond the surface, you often discover they are indeed beautiful with worth and value. A diamond in the rough so to speak. I have also been viewed by some in my past as worthless and I have struggled with seeing myself that way as a result. But maybe I am (along with so many others) like that pallet and I also have value that hasn’t been visible to me. Just like the dirt and aged grey exterior covering the outer edges of the wood that makes it look worthless, insults from others and distorted views of myself have covered who I feel that I am that I do not see my true self. I have also been told about qualities I possess by friends and family who know me, but I can not yet see what they see. Maybe with some work, I can finally discover that I have qualities and value that I don’t currently see or believe I possess.

In closing, I am excited to see where this project leads and hopefully it turns into something nice. I enjoy having a project to do and feeling excitement about something. In my life, I tend to have very little that causes excitement which also possibly explains why this project makes me excited. lol As I work on it, it reminds me that I may have many limitations but I can still do something even though it takes me longer to complete. Sometimes I get into the thought pattern that if I can’t do it as well or as fast as someone else, then I can not do it at all. Even though I have to take a lot more breaks and it takes longer, it doesn’t mean that I can not create something beautiful too. I also believe it is helping me to realize that I may have value too. This is very important for me to learn and I find it interesting how a simple project can teach me something so important.

I hope to be able to provide some photos soon of the progress I am making so stay tuned!


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Birthday Benefits

Hello again,

With one week to go until yet another birthday, I decided I should share the benefits of birthdays. I hate turning another year older but I don’t mind the perks which make birthdays more bearable and less depressing. I discovered years ago that restaurants and stores offer perks for your birthday. I sign up for some of the different birthday programs and I eat well during my birthday week. 🙂 I thought I would share some of the places that offer great freebies so other people can enjoy them as well.

The first restaurant I want to mention has possibly the best birthday program of any restaurants I have ever signed up with and that is Tony Romas. For your birthday you get a coupon for a free meal anywhere up to 19.00 in value. This coupon is actually good for 2 weeks though and I received the coupon in my email this morning that I could use anytime in the next 2 weeks. The food at Tony Romas is exceptional as well. I went there today actually for lunch since I got the coupon this morning. I ordered beef ribs and I will probably be eating off of them for a couple of days. 🙂

Another restaurant that I am signed up with that I would like to give special mention to is Boston Pizza. They offer a choice of a free gourmet pasta or dessert. Last year I went with the free dessert because I was already eating out for a few meals that same week.

Another great restaurant is Albert’s family restaurant. They offer a free breakfast and I think it is anytime during the week of your birthday.

Denny’s offers a free grand slam breakfast on the day of your birthday if you happen to get it. My sister gets one every year for her birthday but I have never received a coupon for it. It is not a big deal though.

This year Arbys sent me a coupon for a buy one get one free beef and cheddar burger. It is apparently good until April 3 if I remember correctly. I am not sure yet if I will get it or not.

Other places that offer birthday perks: Old Navy (unspecified), Marble slab creamery (free ice cream), Telus (free calls on your cell phone on your birthday), Dairy Queen (BOGO blizzard), Marmot Basin (free skiing on your bday if it is during the winter months obviously.) Booster Juice (free regular juice smoothie), Starbucks (freebie if you are a member), Joey’s Only (% off discount), sephora (Free fresh sugar kisses mini lip duo), Swiss Chalet (free dessert), 7-11 (free small slurpee on your bday),and Giant Tiger (unspecified).

So as you can see, there are a lot of great perks to enjoy for your birthday. 🙂 Of course I do not take part in every birthday perk and I pick and choose each year which ones I want to use for different reasons. Tony Romas is always on the top of my list though, not only for the great birthday coupon but also because they have amazing food!

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What I’m Reading this week

Hello again,

I have been really busy reading lately and trying to get through books that need to go back to the library. I would love to share about some of those books but I am still busy trying to get through books. I thought I would write a quick post on what I have planned to read this week or I suppose in the next couple of days actually. I love taking photos so here is a photo and then I will list them as well below the photo.

Here are the books I am reading.

From order of bottom to the top – Consumer Reports New Car Buying Guide 2006-07, Lemon-Aid New Cars and Minivans 2007, The Insiders Guide to Buying a new or used Car, Motormouth The Complete Canadian Car Guide 2011 edition, and Chicken Soup for the Christian Women’s Soul to mix it up a bit. 🙂 Sense a theme? lol I am looking into buying my own vehicle and I want to do the research before I physically look at any vehicles. This will be my first vehicle and I want to make the best decision I can with the amount of money that I have to spend. Any and all advice anyone can offer me is very much appreciated! I am now half way through Motormouth and it is an excellent book that I would recommend to anyone considering a vehicle purchase. I would love to share more about it but I need to get back to reading. 🙂

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