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My Review of Canadian Tire Auto Service

Hello again,

After my experience with Canadian Tire, I really felt the need to share how I was treated but I didn’t want to just post a rant about it. No one likes reading rants. At least I don’t think so. So I feel it is better if I keep my cool and share this experience as a review instead. As you may have already figured out, I am far from happy. I would like to share now why I am quite unsatisfied with the Canadian Tire service I received.

I have researched winter tires and different stores that offer them for quite a while now. I wanted to choose the right place to buy them from and not end up paying more than I should or have a bad experience. Although I guess research should include reviews of the store as well which I didn’t think about doing sadly. I found that Canadian Tire offered sales on good tires and had a payment plan that I could pay for the tires over 18 months. I liked that. Overall, most places were about the same price and I thought Canadian TIre would be a good place to go. The payment plan was what drew me to Canadian Tire in the end because buying tires isn’t cheap by any means and I don’t have a lot of money to spare.

So I walked in to Canadian Tire on November 8th of this year to order them. They had a 20x points event that day which is why I went then. I was pretty clueless about tires and what was best. So I asked some questions and I had to run out to my car a couple of times to check things for them like what number was on the side of the tires. I wanted rims with my tires so they could be switched a lot easier each time and it is also much cheaper to do because you can do it yourself. Apparently, they had run out of rims so they had to order some in for me. I asked how long it would take and was told usually around 4 business days. I thought that wasn’t too bad and ordered them. Had I known it would take over a month to get them, I would have gone with someone else right then and there. Yes. Over a month. I had to prepay for the rims so I did get around 20.00 in points or Canadian Tire money as it is called.

I waited patiently for the first week and expected a call of some kind in the week that followed. No call came. So almost 2 weeks after I had initially gone in there, I tried calling to see what was happening. I was told that they had rims coming on the truck and I would get a call the next day. Well that wasn’t too bad I thought. I never got a call the next day. Or any time in the next week either. I had very little patience by this point. 3 weeks and still no winter tires. I tried calling again 3 weeks after I had ordered the tires. This time, I waited on hold for probably 10 minutes before finally hanging up. I had better things to do with my time. My dad offered to stop by there the next day and I was all for it. My dad gets results. 🙂 Although he didn’t have much luck either and told me just to cancel the order. After all, I had back surgery the next week and I couldn’t really wait any longer. But my back surgery was canceled unfortunately so I gave them a little more time. I called again on December 6th to cancel my order and get my money back but I apparently couldn’t do that over the phone.

On December 8th (monday of this week), I walked in to the store and told them I was canceling my entire order. I wasn’t waiting around any longer. This is ridiculous. He tried to get me to put the winter tires on my current rims and I was completely against that because it is quite expensive each time and I don’t want them touching or messing with my good rims. I have heard stuff about Canadian Tire in the mean time and I don’t want to take any chances. I got quite mad and really let the guy know that either I get my rims and my tires or I will cancel my order and there is no way I am taking anything else or paying extra money to have tires switched on my one set of rims. After letting him know this, he conveniently remembered that a shipment of 11 rims came in a few days earlier. Funny how he didn’t remember that before I threatened to walk out. I wish I had threatened to go elsewhere sooner. Maybe I would have had winter tires sooner. It is funny how getting frustrated and raising your voice a bit can help people to remember items that are in the back. He obviously needed the help as well since he couldn’t remember about the rims that he had before I let him know I was serious about wanting my money back to go elsewhere.

Today I actually discovered a website called and basically laughed that people hate the store so much that there is a site dedicated to how much it sucks. There is a section specifically for the auto service centre. I wish I had found that before going there. My dad told me already awhile ago never to let Canadian tire do any work on my vehicle but I didn’t know the service for buying rims was so bad too. I urge everyone who reads this to consider going elsewhere for tires and auto service if you don’t already. I tried to email Canadian Tire as well about what was going on and that proved to be pointless as well. Do not go there. Just because it is called Canadian TIRE doesn’t mean they are a good choice for tires. If you want more reasons to avoid the store, just go to the website I shared. I will gladly pay a bit more if it means I will receive better service in the future.

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Influenster Review: Impress Manicure

Hello again,
Earlier this year, I joined up with Influenster which is another company that has members qualify for and try products to review. Earlier this month, I received my first “voxbox” to try and review. It is from Broadway Nails and it is called the Impress Press on Manicure. I received 2 different colours to try free from Influenster. I would like to share my review here now.

First, I would like to share a couple of links. I needed to do a YouTube video for the influenster review. This is the first time I have ever recorded myself for YouTube and had no idea what I was doing. lol It turned out not too bad but I think I was talking way too slow so it is a bit long. I recorded my first impressions and the process of putting the nails on. You can check it out here: Voxbox Impress manicure video review. I also posted a photo on instagram which you can see here: #impressmanicure instagram photo. If you look on the photo, you can sort of see that I had to place the nails up a bit higher to cover the ends of my natural nails which left a gap at the bottom of my nail that wasn’t covered. You probably can’t notice in the photo but my natural nail on thumb and pointer finger was still a tad longer the impress nail as well.

I got the impress nails a couple of weeks ago and waited until I figured out a way to take video while putting them on. That was a bit of a challenge and I ended up finding a way to attach my phone to my mini tripod to take the video. I noticed right away that my natural nails were too long and I had to cut them down as far as I could. I was kind of sad about this because I really love using my nails to pick things up and open stuff. Despite cutting down my nails, the impress nails were still a tad too short. That is probably my biggest issue with them. Otherwise they are really nice. Finding the right sizes for my fingers is a bit tricky because it is difficult to tell the different nail sizes just by looking at them. I also seem to have huge hands and the biggest nail was a bit small for my thumb still. But I did find the sizes that fit the best and that was the most time-consuming part of it all. Applying them to my natural nails was very easy and quick. It was nice not having to wait for anything to dry. My initial thoughts were quite positive.

After wearing them for a few hours, I noticed that it was impossible to pick anything up that I previously used my natural nails for. For example, picking a plastic ruler up off the table proved to be an interesting challenge. lol I had to get creative and eventually picked it up. lol I also noticed that some of the nails didn’t stick down flat against my natural nail. This provided a space for gunk to accumulate. I have a feeling that it happened because my natural nails are too big for the size of nails that the manicure set has. Other than these issues, they stuck really well and seemed to stay on through out different activities. They even lasted through hair washing. 🙂

After 4 days, I lost a couple of nails. It was the pointer fingers that I use the most for stuff. They also had a fair bit of gunk that got stuck underneath and that was gross. I hope this isn’t TMI for the blog. I decided to take the rest off as well since it looks funny without a whole set. Some of them were not very stuck any longer and probably would have come off that day as well. I was also getting frustrated with having no nails to pick anything up with. I honestly use them for a ton of stuff. I think if the nails had been longer, it would have been different though. I probably would have really loved them if they could have been just a bit longer.

Since my mom has smaller nails, she was able to try the ones that didn’t fit my nails. It actually worked out pretty much perfectly in terms of the sizes included and the sizes we both needed. But for her, they started falling off within a few hours and within a couple of days they had all fallen off. She even lost one while putting dishes in the dishwasher. lol She has nails that seem to resist everything though so we both were not entirely surprised. I am not sure this is a reflection on the product so much as my mom’s nails are rather resistant to anything she puts on to them. I don’t think it is her fault either. It is just one of those things I suppose.

Overall, my impression of the Impress manicure from Broadway Nails is mixed. I think they go on easily enough and last fairly well on my fingers but they are too short. I normally avoid the whole fake nail market because the nails are too long. lol These nails look more natural which is so nice. If my nails were smaller or they were a tad bigger, I think it would have been great. 🙂 So would I recommend them to other people? Probably. Depending of course on how big their natural nails are. Would I use them again? Probably not. Just because they are too short and don’t last incredibly long on my nails. I hope this is helpful to you and thank you for reading my blog!


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