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Please VOTE!

Hello again,

As some may know, we have a Provincial election happening in Alberta. Some people are very invested in what is happening while others seem to not care at all. I am one who follows it all quite closely because I feel it affects me directly. I think it affects us all directly.

I think that it is incredibly important to vote and it is a privilege to be allowed to vote. I am tired of hearing people complain that there isn’t anyone worth voting for or they don’t care who gets in. I get frustrated when I see that people want to spoil their ballot or not vote at all in protest. Maybe if we would all take voting seriously and vote the best people in/the least of the evils, the politicians would see that we care and maybe they would do a better job of being accountable. Right now, it probably seems like people don’t care or don’t notice what happens so they can do what ever they want to do. Or politicians feel they can be lazy and it won’t matter because not enough people care to vote them out. Why should they try to be the best they can be if we make it obvious that we just don’t care? There is no reason for them to be better than the next guy. Right? It is like with the PC Party. They seem to figure that they will continue to get voted in no matter what they do. They think there are no consequences for their actions because no one is going to vote any different. But I think that people have actually finally had enough and want change. If you want someone accountable and worth voting for, maybe you need to take the first step and show the politicians that you care what they do and they need to do a job worth getting voted back in for. I know that politicians will always be less than honest and all of that, but maybe, just maybe they might try harder if we show that we care about what kind of job they do. I would think that Not voting means nothing to them and spoiling your ballot is just silly in my opinion. How will that actually change anything?

I am not here to tell you who to vote for. You will not see me calling anyone names for who they choose to support. But I may call a person out on not voting at all. There are countries where people do not have the option to vote. They would probably give anything (even their lives) to have the opportunity to have a say in who is in their government or change who is in power. Would any of us risk our lives to vote? I know this will likely not sway anyone to vote who wasn’t planning on it but I have to say something. I have to try to convince even one person to vote who wasn’t going to. I can not sit by and keep quiet. Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope you take the time to vote.

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 16

Hi again,

I need to apologize first about being late with this post and not getting to writing any extra posts either. This week has been so crazy and it is weird to think that last Friday was only one week ago. It feels more like a month ago. It didn’t even register yesterday that it was Friday and I had to write my weekly post. So that is why I am a day late. I woke up this morning and realized I forgot to write yesterday. lol So here I am. 🙂 Better late than never right? So here is my list for the week. 🙂

1. That this post is my 100th blog post!!! It feels like a bit of an accomplishment whether or not people read my blog.

2. I was able to cross off a ton of stuff on my to do list. I wasn’t really sure how much I would get done this week but I actually did a lot more than I thought I would. I only have just over a week till my surgery and there is still a fair bit to get done. But I would consider myself to be on track to get everything done before my surgery. 🙂

3. A safe trip in to town on Thursday. For those that don’t live in Alberta, we had a massive snow storm this week and the roads were so bad. Parts of the highway were closed due to accidents and apparently over the course of the 2 day storm, there were over 600 accidents in Central Alberta. That is a lot so I am thankful for a safe trip in to town. I had a couple close calls with people almost sliding into me but I got through the trip without any actual incidents. I was so incredibly thankful once I got home again as well.

4. Our wood stove. I am unsure if I already mentioned this but it has been so wonderful this week. Last night we had a windchill of -40 so it was incredibly cold and I was so thankful to sit by the wood stove and warm up.

5. Finding new favorite music with meaningful lyrics. This week I discovered a new song and the lyrics really mean a lot to me and inspire me. I love when this happens. 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog!


Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 14

Hello again,

This week has been a bit crazy and I am looking forward to the weekend. 🙂 Here are the blessings I am thankful for this week.

1. Getting the call on Monday that my surgery has been scheduled. 🙂 I have waited for this call for a couple of months now and I am so thankful to now have the surgery scheduled and it is so soon. 🙂

2. Making it through another week. I have had a very tough week in terms of pain levels being quite high but despite that, I have felt quite positive because I am looking ahead to the surgery that will fix the cause of all this pain I am currently dealing with. I am another week closer to that surgery. 🙂

3. Having a wood stove. This week has been so cold and the snow finally came. We have had to light the wood stove for more heat this week and I love sitting by the wood stove to warm up after being outside. There is nothing quite like sitting by a wood stove (or fireplace) to warm up.

4. Physio exercises. I have been going to physio and getting exercises to strengthen my legs and back so I could go into surgery a little stronger. The more strength I have before surgery the faster I will recover after. I have noticed a difference the past couple of weeks in terms of how much strength I have. It can’t take away the pain but it will make a big difference after the surgery.

5. Discovering Chocolate I didn’t remember I had gotten. It’s like finding cash you didn’t realize you had. lol Sure it is a few months old but it is good chocolate and I have really enjoyed it this week!

Thanks for taking time to read my post. 🙂 I appreciate it!

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 13

Hello again,

First I would like to apologize for missing last week. I won’t get in to it too much but I was struggling with a lot of stuff last week. I was also wondering if anyone was reading my blog and whether I should continue writing this gratitude challenge. I decided to take some time to think about it and decided that this week I would continue. Even if no one is reading these posts, it is ok. It is beneficial for me to do these posts. I can’t really explain why. I do hope that someone will find my posts and read them but it isn’t the end of the world if no one reads them. I set a goal for myself and I don’t quit. I suppose sometimes that things get in the way and I may have to step away for a bit but I am not going to quit or give up. That isn’t me. So no matter what life attempts to throw at me, I will do my best to be here every Friday and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to join me. 🙂 So here I am again for week 13. 🙂

1. That bad days/weeks don’t last and there is eventually an end to it. Sometimes it lasts much longer but there is always an end. I love the quote “if you are going through hell, keep going” Winston Churchill 🙂 Yes there is an end. “Nothing is permanent, not even our troubles” Charlie Chaplin. I sometimes lose sight of that which makes it harder to get through but I am thankful that there is an end and I eventually remember that and it won’t last forever.

2. It is November and we still have no snow staying on the ground. 🙂 We even had rain this week! I am also thankful for it because I was able to get some stuff done outside that normally we don’t have time to get to before it snows. So spring will have that much less stuff to be done. 🙂

3. Catnip toys. Because it is hilarious watching my cat react and play with toys that have catnip in them. He acts like he is high on something sometimes which is funny. Laughter is always good and a blessing. 🙂

4. Chocolate. I can’t imagine life without it. 🙂

5. Pinterest. I have a quotes board, a funny but true a humour board and other boards that I turn to when I need encouragement or a laugh. I gather the quotes and jokes all the time and then when I need them, I have them to look at. If you want a good laugh, check out my humour board. I am sure you will find some funny stuff. 🙂  I actually have many boards on Pinterest and you are never bored there. 😉 It is a very helpful site. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and you might consider joining me again next week. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 12

Hello again,

It has definitely been an interesting week this week. The thing that takes the cake though is learning someone stole my credit card information, somehow made a copy and was trying to use that copy in Mexico. I only wish I could be in Mexico right now. lol Thankfully, it is all getting sorted out and I am not on the hook to pay close to 400.00 that the person tried to charge to my card. I do have to wonder though, how and when my information was stolen because i am extremely careful with it. I also keep wondering how copies are made and how it still ends up getting charged on my account if they are successful. Anyways, I am here to share the 5 things I am grateful for so I should get to it huh? 🙂

1. I am extremely thankful that Wal-Mart was so helpful and wonderful with this whole credit card issue. I am so thankful I am not having to prove it wasn’t me who tried to spend that kind of money and it was caught right away.

2. Great weather earlier this week. The weather was so nice and to have +20 this late in October doesn’t happen very often as far as I know. It is starting to change now to more average temperatures which is ok. I am not sad because we have had such a great October so far.

3. Another great hair cut. I got my hair cut again this week because I was starting to get a bit shaggy. lol So nice to have it looking good again. 🙂

4. Another Bzzagent campaign!! If you have followed my blog for a while now, you may have seen posts mentioning Bzzagent. It is a company where you get invited to campaigns you qualify for and you get to try the product completely free and then share your thoughts and opinions on it. This one is for hair colour and it is coming at such a great time because I have wanted to colour my hair again. 🙂 I will likely write a post on here when I get it. I love getting invited to do these campaigns. They are so fun. Plus I save money in the process and help other people know what products work and don’t work. I am not trying to advertise here – just explaining it a bit and why I am thankful for it. 🙂

5. Cuddling with my cat inside this morning. I have a cat inside that is very rarely into cuddling. He doesn’t like to be held either. But when he does like to cuddle, it is so wonderful and I stop what I am doing to enjoy that time with him. This morning he wanted to cuddle and I really needed that as well. So I am so incredibly thankful for it. 🙂

Thanks for taking time to read my blog post. 🙂 I really appreciate it.

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 9

Hello again,

“Gratitude as the gospel speaks about it embraces ALL of life: the good and the bad, the joyful and the painful, the Holy and not so Holy.” Henri Nouwen. This is a quote I came across this week that really made me stop and think about gratitude and what it means. I came across it in a book I borrowed from the library and I am reading titled “The Essential Henri Nouwen”. Another quote in the same chapter that also caught my attention is this: “Jesus calls us to recognize that gladness and sadness are never separate, that joy and sorrow really belong together and that mourning and dancing are part of the same movement. That is why Jesus calls us to be grateful for every moment that we have lived and to claim our unique journey as God’s way to mold our hearts to greater conformity with God’s own.” I don’t know about you, but for me, it is very difficult to be grateful for everything. I feel that maybe I need to try to be more grateful for everything that happens – both good and bad. Although I am definitely struggling to find a reason to be thankful for not so positive things like my sprained knee that is still causing problems 7 weeks later. But I will try. 🙂 Anyways here is my list for this week. 🙂

1. Getting an appointment to see my physio therapist really quick. I was able to get in for an appointment just a couple of days after calling, which I wasn’t expecting. Usually it takes about a week to get in. Now I can hopefully start seeing improvement in my knee sooner than if I had to wait till next week to start with physio.

2. Reaching my 90th post on my blog. I feel this is a bit of an accomplishment. 🙂

3. The wood stove. 🙂 It got down to -6 last night and I was so thankful for the wood stove!!

4. I live in Canada. With everything going on in different parts of the world (i.e- Isis, Ebola, etc), it reminds me how privileged we are to live here. We have freedom, a good healthcare system and so much more.

5. Cold weather. Cold weather reminds me how wonderful heat is and how much I love the warmth of hot summer days. Because I know what cold is, I can also understand how good heat is. Without cold, we wouldn’t have anything to compare warmth with and it wouldn’t feel as wonderful. 🙂 But I think I am even more grateful that we didn’t have any snow this week and it was just cold! 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog post!

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Gratitude Challenge Extended: Week 8

Hello again,

This week the weather surprised us with more heat and now it is getting back to more seasonal temperatures. It was really nice to have another small blast of heat at the beginning of the week. We also saw the first day of fall arrive this week which always leaves me with mixed emotions because I love to see fall arrive but I am always sad to see summer end. There is something so beautiful and wonderful about fall (as there is with each season) and maybe a bit magical with all the leaves on the trees turning such gorgeous colours. 🙂

Here are the 5 blessings I am very thankful for this week. 🙂

1. New baby fish. This week I was very excited to see new baby fish in my tank. 🙂 I have guppies which tend to have babies every so often. It is always fun watching them grow and change colour. 🙂 I also have one danio who has outlived every single fish I have had over the past few years. I think I have had fish for around 4 yrs now. I am starting to call him the energizer bunny fish. 🙂

2. Beautiful fall colours. I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the leaves earlier this week when the sky was really blue and a great background for the gold and red leaves. 🙂

3. Summer heat in September. As I mentioned earlier, this week we had a short blast of heat and it is so nice to get that in September. It makes it feel like summer is still here. 🙂 Plus you get the best of both worlds – summer heat and fall colour!

4. Zinio. I love books but I also love magazines that I can learn something from. I love Zinio because the magazines are all digital and I don’t have to find a place for them all. 🙂 I don’t think I will ever go back to subscribing to physical magazines because they take up so much room and tend to get lost when someone takes off with them. lol I love magazines like Popular Photography, Popular Science, Discover (a new favorite 🙂 ), gardening magazines, National Geographic, Cooking magazines, etc. I also love that I can get access to them with my library membership and I don’t have to pay for each one myself. 🙂

5. Sermons available in podcast form. I love being able to hear sermons from where ever and who ever I choose to. I currently love to catch them from Mosaic church in Los Angeles and Gateway Church in Austin Tx. The internet is an amazing thing. I don’t have to physically be somewhere to hear the sermons and I can watch them in my own home or on my mp3 player.

Thank you for taking time to read my post! I really appreciate it!

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